Friday, December 14, 2007

Getting the spirit

What a lot of nice comments on my little procrastination bird! Thanks for all your thoughts. I am looking forward to getting back to birds. I have some ideas for minor changes and want to try some other fabric combinations.

Went to a great Christmas party last night and I was finally inspired to get my act together and start Christmasfying my house. I have been hanging my feathered star quilt, made many years ago, for several years now. I used to hang an advent calendar quilt I made when my children were small, but since I have no little children in the house to count down the days it has seemed silly to hang it. Maybe in the coming years Sofia will enjoy it, but for now the feathered star seems very festive and I've always thought that pattern looked like snowflakes. You may be surprised to see a pieced and hand quilted and very traditional quilt from me. That was how I started quilting and I still love the traditional patterns, just don't make them anymore. When I started this one I was planning to make it bed size. That feathered star is some kind of complicated and time-consuming deal! I made 5 blocks and decided I couldn't face another one, so it's a wall quilt.

I went out to the new house today and cut a garbage bag full of greenery to use. It's a nice mix of pine and fir and juniper and holly and cedar. Smells very nice. I collected terra cotta ornaments for a number of years and usually put them on the mantel instead of on the tree. For years now, I've had an extension cord trailing off the side of the mantel for the lights. Tonight, at Rite Aid Drug, I found two sets of battery operated Christmas lights. What a concept! No more unsightly extension cord.

I think it's about time for this:


  1. Lovely. I have a friend who had the electrician install and outlet at the top of the mantle so she could avoid the extension cords at Christmas. Smart.

  2. Christmasfying -- that's a good word!
    Our little living tree is indoors and two wreaths are hung, so we've finally started on Christmasfying here.
    Happy holidays to you.

  3. Well, I'd leave a longer comment, but I'm on my way to RiteAid to find some of those lights! Half of the battle for me, is thinking ahead at what a pain in the butt it's going to be to do all of the decorating! I need to just stop thinking and get into action! LOL
    I've been meaning to email you about how much I am loving your edge finishing technique! I've used it twice now, but know that it will be pressed into service again in a couple of weeks! Thanks so much for sharing.


    p.s. I too started a feathered star quilt umpteen years ago. What a great way to use those blocks, as they truly are a lot of work! Mine ae at the top of my design wall: fading and collecting dust!