Tuesday, December 04, 2007

One year ago, two years ago, today

Sometimes I like to look back at my blog to see what I was doing one year ago today. Sometimes I am surprised that a year has passed because whatever it was is still somehow part of my consciousness. Like that "Shy Girl in a Fancy Hat". It is still on my work table waiting for the back to be put on it.

Two years ago tomorrow I took pictures on my morning walk with Beth. We are still walking. At the end of this month it will be five years that we've walked that path. The path looks much the same as it did two years ago. Beth and I look pretty much the same. I've lost a little weight—I may have one less chin now than I did in that picture! We both have new earbags, different colors than the ones shown in the picture. We used to see the dachshund ladies and their dogs at least twice a week on the path, but we haven't seen them in ages—probably a year or more. When I move, we will find another part of the trail to walk on. It will be a bit further for both Beth and I to go, but we think we need to keep walking.
In another year I can look back and see what was happening with our remodeling project. With any luck by then we will be nicely settled into the new house and (pleasepleaseplease!) the old house will be sold. Today was a milestone. We finally have hired help. This is Don. He is removing the window in the kitchen. This window goes away for good. By the end of the day it was gone and the hole closed up.

There was only a little rain today. Yesterday when we stopped by the new house the little creek was full. It was right up to the bottom of the bridge. Today it had gone down some, but still pretty full.

Compare to last week.

We've had an amazing amount of rain in the last few days—almost 4" in the last 48 hours—Oregon, don't you know?


  1. We have been wondering how you were doing in the storms. I can't say that I miss those wet, wet ones storms but I do miss the streams and green they ultimately leave.

  2. that creek is adorable, hope it behaves with all the rain! I saw your fallen tree too, added a comment on my tree post.

  3. Such lovely thoughts. The pictures of the creek is are so interesting!

  4. I've been wondering about that picturesque little creek of yours, considering all this rain...