Thursday, May 22, 2008

Art lovers

Yesterday Sofia, Cayo and I went over to Reed College to see the exhibit called Jess:To and From the Printed Page . It is the collage work of Jess Collins, known only as Jess, a beat artist of the '50s, from San Francisco.

Cayo saw the article about the show and wanted to see it. I enjoyed it immensely. I don't know if Sofia enjoyed the art, but she was happy to be out and about.

The information said that Jess lived in an apartment filled with files of images culled from old books and magazines, that he used in his work. The results are dreamlike and surreal. The exhibit contained many of his original "paste-ups" as well as the prints he had made from the originals.

Sofia and her Dad discuss the art


  1. already she's brilliant!

  2. This sounds like a enviable way to spend time with Sofia and Cayo. I would love to meet that little girl and also to see that exhibit. It is also so nice for you that Cayo shares some of your interests, a fine way to know your son-in-law.