Saturday, May 31, 2008

Messages from the blog

Lately I am feeling downright mushy and throat lumpy about the folks who read my blog and respond to the things I write. Well, there was the whole Mexican bowl thing—unbelieveable gift. Then there were all the lovely things people wrote in response to my post about my Dad. They were all so kind and compassionate, but I have to say this one, reprinted below, really amazed and touched me. Anonymous, the NASA engineer, you made my day.

"As an engineer working for NASA, I can tell you that your dad had much to be proud of. He contributed a great deal to making a better life for all of us "potato eaters," and furthered the manufacturing and production capability of the US with his ingenuity. Being an engineer in the space program is frustrating and unfulfilling, and I'm sure that he didn't spend his life that way. You should be very proud of him."

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