Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Because it's spring

We've had such a crummy spring so far, that now that it finally seems to be here I just can't get enough. I really think springs in Portland tend to be spectacular by any standard I know of. Lilac time is brief but thrilling. Our old house has several old lilacs. This one is my favorite—a most unusual intense, grape-y color and equally intense perfume.

I think this is a very old lilac. The tree was as tall as our roofline when we moved in, which is quite tall, but it was badly damaged in an icestorm a number of years ago. We thought we might lose it, but it has recovered. I hope we can take a start of this lilac to our new house

This is a more standard kind of lilac, but fragrant and beautiful as well.

We've been curious to see what would bloom at the new house. The first bloomer is this large rhododendren near the creek. You can see Ray's makeshift planting station set up under the tree.

Closer view.

And a slightly different rhodie just starting to bloom near the house.

I just can't resist taking flower pictures.


  1. that last one looks like an orchid-so very pretty.

  2. ahh... thank you for the spring flowers. i miss lilacs here is souther california.

  3. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Lilacs make me swoon -- the smell is absolutely stunning. WE have a couple ancient ones that we are thinking we have to cut down. But we can hardly bear the thought. June

  4. Nothing takes me back to my childhood faster than the fragrance of lilacs. One, the color of the old one you show, grew on the west side of our house and perfumed our bedrooms in the Spring. When I left more than fifty years ago it was towering - I don't imagine it is still there; except in my memory. Thanks for the memories!

  5. Lovely pics Terry. Our lilacs pale in comparison: too warm here!