Tuesday, May 20, 2008


This is the time of year we start opening windows. Our old house doesn't have air conditioning—don't need it much here in Portland—so when the weather warms up we do a complicated ritual of opening and closing windows. In the cool mornings the windows all get closed to keep the hot air out and the cool air in. Late in the day we start watching the thermometer. When the temperature outside is lower than the temperature inside, we start opening windows. We hope for a nice breeze, which is often available. On really hot evenings if there is no breeze two fans at two windows, one to draw cool air in and the other to blow hot air out, is the formula.

I like old windows, especially the ones that open, with screens on the outside. This time of year the windows around our house seem a bit like picture frames, each capturing a small outdoor scene.


  1. What a wonderful thought - "picture frames". And your "Pictures" are lovely. It is hard to like just one, but the one with the half pulled shade and the flowers is worthy of publication. Nice. Thx.

  2. Oh you've got a hammock! I always wanted one of those!!

  3. Love this post with all of your window pics Terry! Please tell me what the 'thing' is in the last picture that is in back of the chair on your patio. It almost looks like a bottle tree, but I can't figure it out. Your patio looks so cool and inviting.....actually all of the pictures look that way!
    I grew up in the northeast in a home without ac. We did much the same as you, closing up the house on summer mornings to keep the cool air in and then opening again in the evenings. Pleasant memories of a cool past!