Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Crow

So you know I have a fondness for crows/blackbirds/ravens. And you remember the little stuffed birds I was making. I adapted my bird pattern and made a crow. It is a bit bigger than the little birds, but not as large as a real crow.

I like how he looks sitting on the old clock. I think he will be my Halloween decor. Don't witches traditionally have a raven sitting on their shoulder?


  1. Anonymous12:45 AM

    My Ali (my little Goth Girl!) would go nuts for him, Terry! She shares your passion for ravens and crows. I must admit, I do too.
    He's lovely.

  2. I love crows too!
    but don't have the patience to make them!
    I will add a few to my quilts though!
    appliqued kind!

  3. Another winner! Great stance.

  4. Anonymous7:43 AM

    Hi Terry,
    That's a beautiful piece behind the clock-is it one of yours? Can you get a close-up of it?
    And while I'm here, I very much enjoy your blog-your words are so heart-felt and they are about things of IMPORTANCE.
    Thank you much!

  5. Wonderful crow - I went back and read all your posts about the birds you have made - they are all wonderful. I need a crow, to go with my wonderful crow picture in the living room by Sue Coleman. I saw one at Michaels but it was kind of shoddy. Are you sharing the pattern? I'd love to buy a pattern if you are - I think the crow is the greatest.

  6. Ohhhh - I love your crow ! I make and collect them too! What amazing creatures they are!

  7. crows and ravens! They show up in my work alot as well. I love this black on black crow.

  8. Love the bird! My yard is a sanctuary for the local crow population. They have become so large that I think they qualify as ravens. I can tell when they fly in by the shadow that falls across the window. BIG, BIG birds. They make me laugh though-I think they must be the clowns of the bird world and, like elephants, they are afraid of little mouse-sized chipmunks. It's really no wonder I never get anything done. I could watch them all day.

  9. oooo...he's marvelous! I love your birds and thank you for inspiring me to make up my own pattern. I've had/am having fun playing with and sharing them.

  10. Putting in my request for a detailed bird-making workshop. My husband is nutz about crows, and I'd love to surprise him with one.

  11. Anonymous5:59 PM

    I love your crow!