Friday, October 31, 2008

The lucky mailbox

My mailbox has been magical lately. I keep finding wonderful little treasures inside.

The first came last week. It is a small painting/collage from Jill Rumoshosky Werner. She had a contest on her blog to guess the name of an art installation she did for a show. I won! Isn't this a lovely thing?

The second came a couple days ago. This wonderful little ATC from Deborah Boschert, my fellow 12x12 artist.

I didn't have to win a contest or do anything to deserve this. Deborah knows I like crows and blackbirds and sent this to me out of simple friendship and goodness! And I really, really love it and send my heartfelt thanks!

As if that weren't enough, both artists included wonderful cards—frameable in themselves.

Am I lucky, or what?


  1. Ach, du Glückpilz! (Oh, you lucky duck!) It's all beautiful. The heart in hand card has my all time most favoritest Kaffe Fasset fabric too. Sigh....

  2. I love that Kaffe Fassett fabric, too. And Terry, you get back what you give, y'know?

  3. To caring people come good things.

  4. I agree with all of the above do get back what you give Terry! Couldn't happen to a sweeter gal!


  5. I am so glad you liked the little raven. I was thrilled to share him with you. The heart/hand card is from my friend Kate's company, Adoption Day Cards.