Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The new walking trail

Since moving it is not as convenient to walk on the part of the Fanno Creek trail that Beth and I have walked for the past 5 years, so we have been exploring alternative walking trails. There hasn't been much walking done in the last month. Beth has been out of town a lot and also hurt her foot and was told by her Dr. not to walk for awhile. Last week, as her foot was finally getting close to healed, she tripped on something in her sandals and tore her toenail off! (Ewwwwww! doesn't that give you the willies??) Finally, today she was ready for a short walk.

We found a different section of the Fanno Creek Trail, closer to my new house, that we can access from a Starbucks (this is a very important criterion for our walking location!) in a business park area. We discovered that just behind the office buildings where you access the trail, there is a large pond and wetland area that is very beautiful.

On the far side of the pond we spotted a large white bird, that I think is an egret standing on a little island.

Soon he spread his huge wings and flew off. He was gone only a few moments when this great blue heron took his place on the same spot.

There were ducks swimming as well. What a peaceful scene.

Beth's foot was hurting, so we headed back for our coffee and came upon this charming little cottage just at the edge of the office park.

We learned that it is the Fanno Farmhouse, the first house built by European/American settlers in Washington County in 1859. It is now owned by the Parks and Recreation Department and can be rented for meetings or events. There is a lovely gazebo in the back—perfect for weddings.

So our walk included both nature appreciation and local history. Walking is so great. I have driven through this area a gagillion times and never knew about either the pond or the Fanno Farmhouse. Who knows what we'll find once Beth's foot is back to normal.

Another crow

This one is kind of fancy.


  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    I know that park -- it was part of our Fanno Creek explorations. When Beth's foot heals and you can walk further, I challenge you to find where Fanno Creek enters the Tualatin River. The park goes away from the Creek and branches off to the river, which you cross on a bridge. Right there, is the confluence. But believe me, when the foliage is foliaging, it takes some eyes to see the entrance.

    They are two funny bodies of water, anyway, both meandering around here and there. I never can quite figure out where they are going nor where they came from.


  2. Amazing to see an egret and then a great blue in exactly the same spot. Not to mention the elegant crow. I think I recognize that button on its wing from a pair of designer jeans I used to own.

  3. Maybe those larger birds were there to give you an idea of how great they would look in fabric. Love your fancy crow. I envy you such a beautiful walk.

  4. That must be a good fishing spot.

  5. We ride along Marine Drive and there is a walking path there. We frequently are accompanied by herons or hawks and there are always ducks, seagulls and often geese.

    I love your crow. :)

  6. I think a wedding dress for a princess would go nicely with that house! I love the crows, yours and the real ones. We have them all over here in the western side of Puget Sound. When the kids were small, we would watch a flock of crows fly west every evening, we used to imagine them spending the day at the beach and now they were flying home.