Sunday, November 16, 2008

Feeling better, catching up

A beautiful fall Sunday here. I think I've had the flu. Achey all over, etc, etc. I never have had a flu shot because I never get the flu—well once every 12 years or so. This hasn't been the kind of ordeal I remember, just a couple of days of feeling punk. The worst part is the headache that is immune to medication. Quite a distinctive flu headache—you know, the kind that feels like the liquid in your head dried up, so your brain bonks against the inside of your skull whenever you move. Almost gone. You can tell that I feel better because I put earrings in the holes in my ears this morning. That's not vanity, just habit, but when one lays around all day with one's head on a pillow, earring posts poke into your head, so I leave them out. Earrings = not planning to lay around all day.

Last week's rain knocked most of the beautiful leaves off the trees and inspired some amazing fungus to sprout in the yard.

Apparently a beaver came through the neighborhood a couple nights ago and cut down a tree near the creek.

He chewed the bark on the tree on the left and chewed right through the one on the right.

Here's the downed victim.

I guess Beaverton, the closest city, was named that for a reason, but I've never seen a beaver, except for a dead one laying in the road years ago. I guess they are nocturnal. We can't imagine that anything else could have dispatched that little tree like that.

I'll leave you with the last vestige of summer—one last nasturtium on the porch. It glows in the late afternoon sun and catches my eye every time I walk past the front door.


  1. You did not have the flu unless you are coughing your brains out. You had a virus. Get thee to a clinic and get a flu shot because believe me, you do not want to get the flu.

    I had a really bad headache, but I know mine is allergy related because fall=falling leaves+rain=leaf mold X leaf blowers all over my neighborhood=major allergy attack. How is that for math!!

    See you Thursday!!

  2. Sorry you've been down, Terry, but I'm glad you're feeling better.

  3. Glad you're feeling better, Terry! Nothing like that hollow-headed ache feeling... Maybe this was your seasonal illness and you can just be healthy for the rest of the year, now!

  4. Flu shot is a must!! Do it now!

  5. An uncomfortable way to discover the perfect discription of a flu headache! I also don't think you had the flu and agree get a flu shot.
    Actually the fungus looks more like a flu headache to me!!

  6. Aaawwww... Yucky. :( I got a flu shot for the first time this year. The next day I was achy and my left collarbone lymph nodes got all swollen and hard. It totally freaked me out. It went away though. And perhaps the scientists guessed correctly and I won't get the flu.

    Regarding your Wednesday dorkitudinousness, at least your socks matched. :)