Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Random craftiness

I have a thing for pinecones. About a year and a half ago we went to Lake Tahoe and stayed at this great place called Camp Richardson. There were these large, wonderful pinecones lying all over the ground there and I couldn't resist picking up some of them. Somewhere on that trip I saw this pinecone decoration next to a door and I liked it.

Not too hokey or decoratorish, I thought, and thought maybe I'd attempt something similar. In the move Ray came across my bag of pinecones and asked if I wanted to pitch them or if I still wanted to do something with them. No, and yes. Here's my version:

Now that I look at it I see I could probably stand to add some more pinecones. But I like it. My friend, Muriel, gave me the little "Welcome" plaque for our new home.

I like having a small project of some kind to work on if we are watching TV or a movie in the evening. I found this by way of Laura's blog, and was intrigued. It is called a Kusudama ball. Lots of little folded squares of paper glued together.

It's pretty, isn't it? But far too fiddly and took hours and hours, so I am not planning to make a boatload of them.

Both of these things look like they could be Christmas decor, but they're not. I plan to leave the pinecones up year round and hang the paper ball somewhere to amuse me.

Have a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours will be small, but good. No out of town company or extra guests this year. Just family. We will be missing those couldn't make it and hoping you are feeling full and thankful wherever you are. Get well, Jess. Hope you are feeling up to some turkey and pie!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving Terry! Hope you'll be getting a chance to snuggle with Sofia

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    Well, you knew when you posted the kusudama ball that I would have to try it, too. It is just the kind of thing that tickles my fancy. I like your tassel much better than the beads in the tutorial, as well.
    A friend looked at my car and told me it is a very good thing I decided not to drive to Portland in the wibble-car. He's worried about it. So, I'll make paper flowers tomorrow as I wait for the experts to take the wibble out.
    Thinking of you today! Happy Thanksgiving to all my family.

  3. Thanks for posting the link to the flowerball origami. Now I might have something to do with my disturbingly large stash of origami paper. :)

  4. Ooh, a japanese comment. I just made one of these kusudama balls, too! I was trying to see if it would work for the art lesson for the sixth graders, but decided NO WAY! It took me a couple of hours to do. I will try to post it on my blog soon, along with the alternative I did with the kids.