Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday miscellaneous

Frame Game

Can you see the difference in the "before" picture, on the left, and the "after" picture on the right? It's the frame around my David Lance Goines poster. I am a fan of minimal framing, so for years this poster had glass and clips only, which looked fine in my old house.

I hung it on the more gold-y toned wall in the new house and it died. Gack. Dead. No contrast between the wall and the pale green poster color. I think the narrow black frame has brought it miraculously back to life. Still minimal. I buy lots of frames from American Frame. I just love their matte black metal frames that come in any size you would ever need. (almost)

Cheap Thrills

I like to think I am well-equipped to be poor, as that seems to be where we are all headed these days. I find bargains. Yesterday I stopped by the Goodwill superstore in our new neighborhood and dropped off some stuff, including a pretty good pair of shoes that I no longer wear, and went into the store for a quick browse. I spotted a brand-new, never worn, pair of shoes in my size. They were wonderful soft, creamy leather and very squishily padded on the inside. They felt fabulous on my feet. For some reason I didn't buy them, but kept thinking about them, so I went back today and got them. Paid $9. Then I came home and found them online. $98 at Zappos. Huzzah! I rule!

I know they are Little Orphan Annie shoes, but that's what you revert to when your feet are old and tired.

So then we checked out an estate sale in the neighborhood. Last day, everything half price. I found a great old pair of big scissors for my collection and Ray found a vintage bartender's guide book. Lots of entertainment for about $3.

Hope you're all having an entertaining Sunday!


  1. Anonymous5:09 PM

    Both of my husband's grandfathers were tailors and I am fortunate to have a large pair of well worn tailor shears. They seem like a passport to a different time.

  2. Thanks for tip on America Frames. I need to do some and have been dreading and avoiding to do so because it costs so much.

  3. Kudos to you guys for your simple pleasures. How fun to find a great buy on cute shoes and I'm sure Ray will have a blast with his new book. :-)

  4. I love the shoe thing, it's things like that, that make you just laugh and say what a day. But I made it through and we will try again tomorrow.