Monday, November 30, 2009


I have been making a pink quilt. It is for the next 12 x 12 challenge, which will be revealed on December 12. (12-12—we couldn't resist) This is the first of our second round of 12 sets of 12 quilts. This set will all revolve around color and the first challenge is pink.

I really don't like pink much. In general pink carries a lot of cultural baggage that makes it hard for me to like it. The girl=pink, boy=blue thing for one thing. Pink has become this flag of girliness that I just find a little distasteful. I am not very fond of pastel colors in general anyway, so pale pinks feel very weak and wispy to me. The image above is small detail of the piece that I finished today. You can see from this that I did not go for a pale, wispy sort of pink. You can also see that I added in a lot of other colors to keep the sweetness factor in check.

Here's another detail, showing one of the pink fabrics I actually really like. This dotty print, designed by Kaffe Fassett, is a favorite fabric. I own it in several color ways and the pink one worked quite well for this project, though it is not my favorite color way. I used my favorite in another of the 12 x 12 quilts here. I am hoarding what I have left as it doesn't seem to be available anymore.

Can you even begin to guess what the subject of this piece is from the teeny glimpses here? Probably not. It is a little off the wall—based on another piece I once did and a dream.

I like the finished piece. It is pretty darn pink. It has not won me over to the idea of making a lot of pink work, but I might find some uses for pink. I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the group did. Will I hate all that pink? I hope not.


  1. It's good to know that I'm in good company with my adverse feelings about pink. But I do love that Kaffe fabric.

  2. Probably the last time I liked pink very much was when I was in high school and that was in the "dark ages".
    Even though I was the one who inspired the Quilt Art "Pink" challenge I didn't have a quilt in it!

  3. Is that some handwork I see in there???

  4. I don't have to tell you thatI love that Kaffe Fasset fabric too -- I just bought two yards of the brown color way. Having a daughter that waves the pink flag of girliness though has softened my attitude for this color with so much baggage. I happily bought her a fat quarter in the lighter pink color way. :-)

  5. Hrumph! And I get a hard time for my purple aversion. I actually like pink. Probably because it looks good on me. I'll qualify that--I DON'T like Barbie pink or baby pink. But give me a nice mauve, dusty rose, coral-y pink and I'm there. I'm wearing my mauve sweater today and I look mauvelous!

  6. How funny - I posted an entry on our 12x12 blog asking about why people didn't like pink, and you already explained your thoughts about it right here! It'd be a challenge to try to use pink in pieces that consciously went against the stereotypical associations, wouldn't it? A "masculine" pink quilt, or pink to depict something sad or somber... in any event, I like your combinations here (that Kaffe Fassett dot is one of my all time favorites, too) and I'll be excited to see what the full piece looks like!