Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Meeting the Eyeball guy

Well, really IBOL Guy. (But isn't that pronounced "eyeball"? I think it is.) IBOL stands for Iraqi Bundles of Love. In a nutshell, Art LaFlamme, an Army officer and husband of one of my fellow Twelve by Twelves, created a great project designed to get sewers and quilters to send bundles of sewing supplies and fabrics to him to be distributed to Iraqi women. It was successful beyond all expectation. Read all about it here.

Art is now back from Iraq. Home is Hawaii, but the family is in Oregon for Thanksgiving and Gerrie and I met them at Starbuck's this afternoon. Aren't they a beautiful pair? And good people.

Here are Kristin, Gerrie and me. It is always an occasion when any of the "Twelves" get together. This was the second time I had met Kristin. The last time was nearly two years ago, just after our Twelve by Twelve project started. So much has happened since then with that wonderful project. Today we each shared our first twelve quilts, the ones that will be in our book. Can I say that again? Our book. Amazing.


  1. what great pictures of all of you. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.
    "Our book", does sound so wonderful. You all deserve it-can't wait to see what Lark comes up with to showcase you all.

  2. Oh, dear! I see that you are all bundled up - I hadn't thought of that. Guess I had better figure out some layering since I don't own any winter clothes. Wish I were going to be there while Kristin is in town. Someday, maybe. Looking forward to at least a cuppa something with you. Del

  3. A wonderful project!

  4. What a great day!

  5. hee, hee -- "our book." Makes me smile. Thanks again for coming out to meet us -- I really enjoyed the cuppa and quilts.