Sunday, October 03, 2010

The last of the Maryhill pictures and fall arrives at my desk

I asked Ray today if my long post yesterday, with all the Maryhill pictures was boring. He said he didn't think so, but if anyone else did no one was making them read it. Good point. So today I am posting the last few.

One of my favorite, favorite, favorite things at Maryhill is the Théâtre de la Mode exhibit. I am lifting the description from the Maryhill web site to explain what it is:

The fashions of post-World War II France are highlighted in this 1946 exhibit, which shows one-third human size mannequins wearing fashions created by the country’s finest designers. After their premiere in Paris they toured Europe then America. The last stop of the original 1946 international tour of Théâtre de la Mode was San Francisco where the mannequins remained until the early 1950s. At that time they were acquired by Maryhill Museum of Art. They went on a second world tour in the 1990s visiting Paris, New York, Baltimore, Portland and Tokyo.
Nine different stage sets create elaborate backdrops for the mannequins as they display both casual and formal wear of the day. Each year, three of the nine sets are on display.
 The clothing was designed by the famous French designers of the '40s including Balmain, Chanel, Cocteau and toured the U.S. to raise funds for the French war relief effort.  The mannequins are dressed in perfect ensembles, including tiny shoes, handbags, gloves, hats made especially for the exhibit in 1946. The detail is exquisite. My photo is of one of several tableau settings for the mannequins. The entire top floor of the museum contains this exhibit. The mannequins are 1/3 scale, which is smaller than you might suppose. Imagine shoes only a bit more than 2" long.

As you enter the exhibit there are two life-size dresses you can pose behind. It didn't take much to persuade Gerrie to pose! She is always dressed in the latest fashion.

Our last stop, not counting the gift shop, was the sculpture garden, which was a joy to wander through on such a beautiful day. Suzy commented that this piece reminded her of her pilates class.

And so, that was our outing to Maryhill. Wonderful company, wonderful art and a perfect day.

Today we went to see the movie, The Social Network about the beginnings of Facebook. Really wonderful movie! It was so well-made and a fascinating story. It was my treat for working hard all morning cleaning off my desk. I really am a terrible desk-keeper. It gets piled high and I occasionally go through the piles and get it in shape, but for a long time I have ignored my stacking file setup that was stuffed and overflowing. It collects all the things I think I need handy for—what? I don't know. Things to file. Information I might need. Letters that I'm not ready to throw away. Things that don't have any logical place to be. Newspaper clippings and brochures brought back from here and there. Postcards. Photos. Magazines. Instructions for nature scaping, operating my camera, planting bulbs. Envelopes with addresses I planned to transfer into my address book. Two years worth, I reckon. Amazing how little of it was worth keeping. A little aging of most paper renders it useless pretty reliably. I filed a few things and tossed most everything else.

Nearly pristine. Ready for fall. And yes, that's a screwdriver in my pencil cup. So what?


  1. The 40's fashion exhibit was my favorite at MaryHill...I had so hoped you were going to show us. Thanks for the memory lane trip. I need to share that with my daughters. I didn't know there were 9 different sets. The Gorge must be gorgeous as Mother Nature shows us another color palette.
    Shirley on the So. Or. Coast.

  2. I love that part of Maryhill also. On one trip there I purchsed three or four wonderful patterns for little girls clothes. In each of your posts about Maryhill I kept picturing those patterns. The graphics on the envelopes were lovely and I truly caught my eye. Those patterns were a perfect souvenir.

  3. I love following along with your writings and was very inspired to someday visit this museum........thank you!

  4. Oh, I have a screwdriver in a cup on my desk, too, along with an exacto knife, bone folder, an awl-like tool, scissors, etc.

  5. Thanks for taking us to Maryhill with you. I rarely get there and it was fun to 'go' with you. :)

    Want to come clean up my desk? I've been aging some papers too.

  6. What? I have a screwdriver in my pencil cup. And needle-nosed pliers in my sewing kit. :-)

  7. Thanks, Terry. I have always loved Maryhill, but forgot what riches it holds. The baskets were what wowed me last time I was there. Someday I'm going to exhibit there -- in my dreams, anyway.

    Your tour was wonderful!