Friday, October 08, 2010

The object #19 Painted stone

OK, I'm going to say this right up front. This is a total ripoff. Someone else's idea entirely and I stole the idea.

Now that my conscience is clear, I can tell you more about it. There is an artist named Gennine, who lives in Mexico. She has one of the most beautiful, inspiring blogs on the internet. You probably read it. Everybody does. Today she posted a stone she painted with a butterfly, but she has been painting stones for a long time (like these) and I have been seeing them on her blog and loving each and every one. A while back I was browsing the art supply store—one of my favorite pastimes—and I came upon a display of DecoColor fine line opaque markers. "Hmmm," I thought, "bet I could draw on a little smooth stone with this, like Gennine does." So I did. My own design, of course, and just for my own entertainment. This one sits in the bathroom next to my big jar of seashells and beach glass. I wonder how they might hold up outside in the weather. I might try one.

And so you know—this isn't the way Gennine does it. She uses a fine little brush and acrylic paint. Of course. That is how hers are so fine and delicately drawn. They are simply amazing.


  1. funny funny funny. yes i read her blog too. your stone is lovely terry! so far all i have done is slap varnish on stones to give them the wet look.

  2. My problem is I look at something beautiful like Gennine's painted stone and tell myself "You could do that." But the problem is I never come up with ideas like this! The inspiration is perhaps the most important part of creativity. Anyone can be a copycat!

  3. Genine's blog is one of my favorites .. she does such beautiful artwork. And painting stones -- that's one of our favorite family activities when we stay at Lake Tahoe! The windowsills of the family house up there are lined with painted stones!

  4. Oh yes, I love Gennine's blog and artwork, too.