Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The book

As I reported, the Twelve by Twelve book, due to be released on March 1, is out there! Each of the twelve of us got our author copies last week and others are now reporting that the copies that they pre-ordered have arrived. We have heard nothing but good reviews, and though I am certainly biased, I think it is a beautiful book and I am enjoying reading it from cover to cover. Each of the 144 12" by 12" quilts that we made is in the book, with a short paragraph by the maker talking about each one. In addition, each of us wrote a chapter about one of the themes and the piece we made for that theme. Each of us also wrote a section covering some aspect of the project—a technique, some history, or some other aspect of the two-year collaboration.

Here is some of my section of the book.

I now have some copies to sell. If you are interested in one, send me an email. They cost $22.95 including shipping. I am happy to sign your copy if you want. You can send a check or pay by Paypal.

Lark, our publisher, is featuring the book with twelve days of interviews with each of the twelve authors on their blog. Today was my day! You can read the interview here.

I plan to mention this book often on this blog. You will probably get pretty tired of it. Sorry. It's a big deal for me. The first book I have ever been a co-author of. Wish I could be cool and refer to it as "my most recent book." Heck, it's my ONLY BOOK!

PS - If you are local and want a book, I would love to meet you for coffee somewhere and hand it over in person.


  1. You have every right to be banging your drum! I am going check my calendar and see when I can meet for coffee...because I want a signed copy that the DNA of the artist is actually on my book as it is handed over while enjoying a nice cuppa!

  2. Got my copy (Amazon)last Wednesday. I am reading every word and finding the personality of each Twelve showing through more than I had imagined. There are some surprises. This is so fun because I know you and I feel like I know the Twelves since that blog is an everyday look for me. I am saving my copy for your autograph the next time I see you.

    Congratulations to all of you.

  3. I want to meet you for coffee! How fun would that be?!

  4. Check your email!!! :)

  5. So do you want to meet for coffee I do I just drive over the hill with the vanilla free latte?????

  6. Looks wonderful terry- congratulations!

  7. Congratulations!! I wish I lived in your neck of the woods - I'd love to meet for coffee to get a copy!

  8. Terry, it IS your most recent book. LOL. You should be excited - it is a big deal and you already know how I feel about it. Working my way through it and taking it with me to read tonight in my hotel room in Connecticut.

    I won't get tired of hearing you mention it -- it's terrific!

  9. Terry,

    As you know, I am not a quilter or a seamstress, but I always enjoy looking through the 12X12 reveals. I love how each of you tells the story of inspiration, choosing the theme and trials (or errors!). I pre-ordered my book and got it from Amazon already! Again, a lot of the terminology is above my knowledge, but I have really enjoyed reading the book. I am so proud of your accomplishments; the 12X12 project simply amazes me. Congratulations on your "most recent book"!

    PS: I will get mine signed, perhaps in a coffee shop near to you… :)