Wednesday, February 09, 2011

What I've been up to

Just puttering away at things.

I finished my yearly Valentine art. This year I made a heart in the shape of a heart—that is, no background.

I hung it in the window of my front door.

I need to have copies made and put my valentines together.

I finished the 12 by 12 piece and I used the second bowl and bird combination. You knew I would! For those of you who said you liked the first bird and the second bowl, I think you will see in a few days, when we reveal the final pieces, why I chose the second bird. It works much better. Really. Just wait and see.

Yesterday was a bad technology day. Early in the day I tried to upload a video to Dropbox. I wrote an article for an upcoming issue of In Stitches, which is Quilting Arts' online magazine. They wanted a little video to include in the article. (what a neat idea!)  I had my son-in-law come over and shoot the video. This is all new to me. First I discovered the file was way too big to email, so the assistant editor at In Stitches told me how to upload it to Dropbox. I followed the directions and it spun its wheels for about an hour, timed out and did not upload. I tried again. And again. Finally, I just burned the file to a CD, packaged it up and was ready to head out the door to see if I could overnight it to the magazine and—surprise!—the file had finally uploaded while I was fussing with the CD.

Jane Davila knows how I love typography and she sent me a message that I needed to check out a very cool iPhone app called TypeDrawing. When I tried to install it I got a message that my phone needed to be upgraded to the latest version, so I plugged it into the computer and iTunes and tried and tried to install the upgrade with no luck. I finally left it after a couple of hours and went to bed. This morning I tried it again and it worked like a charm. I don't understand. But I was glad I could finally install the app. It is very cool. It does this:
And this:


  1. Nice. Both the valentine and the app. I have just been driving back and forth to the store dealing with old technology. Your seems to be more visually exciting then mine.

  2. Second bird, definitely. Look forward to seeing it.

  3. You already know how I feel about any version of Bird & Rice very favorite piece. So simple, so perfect. Can't wait to see the new version.

    Some days are like that with technology. Can't explain why but sometimes I can upload books to my Kindle in seconds and other times I can't get the wifi to work in less than 3-4 tries. Still love it but it's a mystery.
    That app is sweet.

  4. What a cool app! I'm going to look for a droid version. :)

  5. Leign --

    If you find a droid version, let me know. I'm considering a netbook or droid pad, but want to be sure I can do certain things -- like sketch and draw on it. And do Wifi. And I would like 3G or whatever capacity (like my Kindle) not to hook to a phone, but to get online when wifi isn't around.

    You see, Terry, your blog just sets me up to correspond with all your friends. A good technology, and you use it well. And your electronics were just having a bad hair day. Congrats on living through that, the 12 x 12 and the Valentine. You done good!

  6. Since all of your tech woes are technically my fault - my apologies for the frustration. I hate when things don't work the way they're supposed to!

    June - Mac all the way, esp if drawing and painting and sketching are what you want to be doing. I have both Macs and PCs and Mac has way more programs and apps for artists. By a lot.


  7. "I need to have copies made and put my valentines together." So do you get a photo and then make cards? What does the finished Valentine look like? I had visions of everyone getting a fiber art heart like the one in your window.

  8. Hi Terry, I love that app. very cool. Is this only for iphone or can i apply it in photoshop. I also turn off the approve comments on my blog just to see what happens