Sunday, February 27, 2011

The deer and the snow and the hunchback baby

I feel like it has been ages since I blogged, but really, it has only been a few days. This week has been hectic and I have felt worn out by just trying to keep track of things—little chores that need doing, meetings to attend, people to call/email about this or that.. And the weather. Hard to make plans this week. The news was telling us there was a big storm coming. Big. Snow and ice and freezing temperatures. Big.

 Not so big. We got a little snow overnight and woke up to an inch or so Thursday morning. The schools closed, but it was gone by noon. The sun came out and then it did get cold. Below freezing is cold for us. Beth and I walked one cold morning, but not very far. It was too cold for us.

I need to replace the countertop in the main bathroom at the old house in order to get it ready to sell. You may remember that I painted the old formica counter several years ago. The paint held up quite well for quite awhile, but I don't think the renters were as careful as we were and the paint lifted around the sink. I got an estimate at Home Depot for replacing it and they sent the installers out to measure. I was pretty happy to be getting that taken care of. The installer/measurer person wrote it all up and the price quadrupled from the original HD estimate. I was seriously in shock. I think I need to reconsider and figure out a cheaper alternative. Bummer.

It has been that kind of week. Harried and hassled and frustrated. A couple days ago I posted on Facebook that the big quilt I was working on was shaping up to be a big stinky mess. I was discouraged, but pressed on. Yesterday morning I hung it up on the wall to step back and really assess it. The baby, who was supposed to look like he was wrapped in a blanket looked like a hunchback. I squinted and argued with myself trying to believe it was OK and really did just look like a fold in the blanket. I ended up taking it apart and recutting that part. It's better. I did actually start quilting part of it.

I'm still pinning and trying things here. The deadline is approaching. This one will be down to the wire I suspect, but I do think it will get done. (And yes, that quilting looks dreadful. I'll fix it.)

Friday afternoon the sun was shining and as I walked past the livingroom window I saw a deer right near the front steps. She seemed to be nibbling on some moss, which seemed harmless enough and I went to get the camera. It was then that I noticed her companion delicately nipping the little green sprouts off one of our bushes further out in the yard and I snapped. I flung open the door and shouted at the deer to "get the  ---- out of my yard!" and they scampered away. It's becoming a love/hate thing.

I've been crabby. Underlying all these petty frustrations has been the fact that I've been coughing my lungs out for weeks. Ray told me several times I probably ought to go to the doctor to which I would snap at him that I was "getting better, dammit." Yesterday I woke up feeling truly sick and finally did go see a doctor and came home with antibiotics and cough syrup and steroid nasal spray. I am thinking that I am finally going to start feeling better and when I do I won't feel so tired and bummed out.  I clearly need to:


  1. Ah, Mary Englebreit - she says it like no one else. I wondered when the hate part of the deer was going to surface. My Dad has had to resort to deer fencing as those cute sweet animals decimated everything in his yard - ate the tops right off his beets and the silk of his corn! And let's not talk about the roses - they were dessert! Ginny

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Terry, when our old formica countertop in a bathroom needed redoing this is what I did.

    I sprayed the whole top with fake granite spray paint. Then I put about six coats of polyurethane on top of that. It worked very well and the top was still looking great when we moved after five years.

    One thing to remember is to very carefully cover any surrounding surfaces which you don't want to paint. The spray granite paint does just that....sprays.

    Another suggestion is to call around and see if you can find a scrap piece of granite or corian. Of course then you would have to find a worker bee to cut and install.

  3. This is the part of winter that wears you to the NUB. It won't stop being cold, everyone is getting sick, we need fresh air in the house to clear out the germs.

    The bad cough thing lasts 8 weeks. Everyone at the library had it and it lasted 8 weeks. They were exhausted. You could take the pills G took but they have a very bad side effect. Levaquin.

    Take care. Take a nap.

  4. You need to nap a little. OK?

  5. Those "grrrr" moments have a way of piling up, one on another, don't they? I hope you feel much better soon!

  6. America (or maybe the World) is coughing right along with you. I send good thoughts and sympathy. But I wish I lived closeby and could come put clean sheets on your bed, tuck you in all warm from a shower and spoon chicken soup into you before you settled down for a long nap. Hm-m-m-m, must be my feeble mommy genes coming to the fore. GET WELL!

  7. I wish Del lived closr to me! I could use that when I'm sick. Hope you feel better soon Terry

  8. I am sorry that you are not feeling well and thankful that you saw a doctor. It is not fun coughing all the time. Coughing us exhausting. Don't they say, Chicken Soup will make you feel better when you have a cold. Hope the meds start working and you will be one the road to recovery soon.

  9. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Glad you finally saw your doctor. You should be well by the time I get home :-) Ray needs to pamper you! Hope you feel better soon!

  10. Well this idea for the counter top might seem at first intimidating, but you could tile right on top of the original counter, and (depending on what tile you choose, of course) can be very affordable if you do it yourself. I started with my laundry room floor (because if I made mistakes no one would see) and used simple white 12" tile. It was so easy and affordable (I think we spent less than $100) that I proceeded to tile my kitchen counter tops and backsplash, both bathroom tub surrounds, and both bathroom floors.