Monday, February 21, 2011

The sun

It is so easy to take sunshine for granted, but I tell you, do not underestimate its power. Sunshine shining into my house this weekend has renewed my spirit and given me incentive to push on. Amazing stuff.

They say our weather is going to turn cold and possibly snowy later this week, but while it lasts I am consuming the sun.

I am working on a large quilt. Remember last year about this time I was finishing up a 36" x 48" piece for an invitational show called "Beneath the Surface." My piece was accepted and showed in several large shows and appeared in a magazine. It was a good deal. This year's theme is "The Space Between" which I find a really interesting theme. Open to a lot of different interpretations. My idea is to think about the space between parents and children, mothers especially. As babies, humans and their mothers are practically inseparable, then as they mature the space widens. It is the natural thing and a good thing, though sometimes difficult and painful and always, that 'space between' crackles with love, tension, guilt, heartbreak, pride and regret.

I have waited on this until the last minute. It is due soon. Not that I purposely procrastinated, there have just been a lot of things that have stood in the way of getting this done. Now I am pushing myself. I can't show much until later. I decided to start with faces. If I can't get them right, I won't have anything. Can these pieces come together into a complete work in time? I hope so.


  1. Anonymous5:58 AM

    It looks like a beautiful start to me. Good luck!!

  2. Beautiful start to your quilt. I know what you mean about the sun. I took my coffee and found a sunny spot and just faced into it. It felt so nice. I was like a snake sunny myself on a rock. Back to reality today. My Mom called and the snow is coming down hard (Snohomish) and I guess it is headed our way. Keep warm this week and I hope the sun peeks out some more for you.

  3. I enjoyed the sun today. It has been overcast and cold for a long time.

  4. The sun we had last week has given way for the clouds and overcast skies. This has been a long winter in Illinois. We have had more snow than we have had in years. The start of the quilt is fantastic. I can't wait to see the rest of it.