Saturday, March 12, 2011

Object # 25 The Reclining Buddha

Several months ago I was driving near my home, through a residential neighborhood, when something large and very white caught my eye. It looked like a very large piece of sculpture and I had to circle the block just to get a better look at it. This was something I had either never noticed before or it was new to the neighborhood.  On my second, much slower drive around the block I could see that it was a statue of a reclining Buddha figure and the little house now had a sign out front identifying it in Vietnamese, I assume, since the only word I could read was "Vietnam." I have not been able to find out anything about what it is, but I assume it is a Buddhist center of some kind.

The statue is quite beautiful and I find myself driving, slowly past it nearly every time I am headed in that direction. It is so incongruous just off a busy street, but looks so peaceful in the shady garden, and there are always fresh flowers sitting nearby. Here is a beautiful black and white photo that shows more detail.

I wish I knew more about it. I did learn that representations of Buddha fall into several classic poses and this, the reclining Buddha, represents the final stage of enlightenment before achieving nirvana.


  1. Wow. The things one discovers in residential neighborhoods.

    Is it by any chance at the address noted in this article?

  2. How beautiful. What a lovely encounter for you.

    Hope you're feeling better.

    I took the bottom off my machine and cleaned it-thanks for the idea. It really was pretty messy in there.

  3. How beautiful. The black and white phone sure does give you more detail. Hope you are feeling better. The machine is still dirty but the house is clean.

  4. My computer shows the B/W photo in color. Am I losing it? Is my eyesight suddenly refusing black and white? Oh dear, I'm starting to think black thoughts about a colorful subject.

    But I too love the statue.