Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring cleaning

A busy week. I finished the big quilt and got my photos and entry sent off. It is what it is and I hope it gets into the show. This recent experience of making this piece has had me doing serious thinking about whether I really want to make work to fit a specific theme and a specific size, neither of which I would have chosen as something that inspired or excited me. The value is the chance to be in show that offers recognition and exposure, and really it is flattering to be asked! These are good people putting this all together. Hmmmmm. Thinking, pondering.

Coming to the end of that kind of project is always a good time to do some cleaning up. My workroom is a mess. My sewing machine was acting up a bit toward the end of this project too and in need of cleaning. I am pretty good about keeping my machine clear of lint and fuzz in the bobbin area. I take the bobbin and bobbin race out and am always amazed at how much lint accumulates in there. Though I carefully clean it out with a little brush, I always have this uneasy feeling that I am also pushing fuzz down into the unreachable parts of the machine. With older, mechanical machines, I felt comfortable really taking them apart from time to time and cleaning the gunk out. My current machine is electronic and I am a little more wary of getting inside it, but yesterday I decided to take the bottom off of it and see what had accumulated.

Well, yuck. This pile of crud was just sitting in the bottom. Then there was all the fuzzy junk still clinging to the mechanical parts.

I carefully pulled some pretty big wads of fluff out of there. The machine seems happier.

I wish I could unscrew a plate from the back of my own head and clean it out like I did the machine. It feels like I have the same kind of dust bunnies in there that were piling up in the sewing machine. I know. It's not the same stuff at all. In fact, it is fluid clogging my ears and fogging my brain. I had this two years ago and lost most of my hearing for several weeks. That's what has happened again and I am locked inside this fuzzy head and feel like I am trying to hear through water—or a blanket of lint.


  1. hummmm...have to see if the bottoms of my machines come off easily. 2 of them don't work well and this may be why! thank you Terry.

  2. I am checking my machine too!

    I have had that ear thing once too.
    It is awful and made me really grumpy not being able to hear anything clearly. Hope I never get it back.

  3. Anonymous8:33 PM

    The guys on "the Doctors" tv show today showed a model of the ear, and discussed how to detect an infection and what to do about it. I don't want to try to quote the whole thing, but what I remember is to apply warm compresses to that part of the ear. They also have more info on their web site.

  4. Oh, how your post made me smile -- I spend a lot of time cleaning fuzz out of my machine, and the thought of the fuzz that must be accumulated in my head now hadn't occurred to me. But gosh, at my age? There's gotta be a lot of fuzz. No wonder I need afternoon naps. :-) Hope the ear thing feels better soon.

  5. Seeing your machine makes me think that I should take the bottom off of my ancient Bernina. I clean it all the time, but haven't taken it in for service in years. I hope your ears feel better - that's a terribly uncomfortable feeling.

  6. It looks as if you have gotten us all to look for lint in our machines. I, for one, am also going to look for lint in my head as it is getting plugged up from too many ideas for quilts and too little time to do them all. Hope you feel better soon.

  7. This is a good reminder, Terry, which we shouldn't forget about the insides of our stuff when doing spring cleaning. I mean, we're so used to wiping off dust and mopping the floor, but those only clean the surface. Our computers, cupboards, sewing machines -- they also accumulate dirt inside. So we have to pay attention to that too. You're right, your sewing machine looks happier when clean. :)