Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The roof tiles

Marie asked how I made the roof tiles for the BaƱos quilt. I must admit they are one of my favorite parts of this quilt! Back when I was making the quilt I blogged here and here about how I worked them out. I wanted them to have that varied color and handmade quality and grunginess that the real ones have.

Rooftops in Cuenca, Ecuador


  1. nice! thanks for sharing!

  2. How's this project, Terry? Where's the link to your finished quilt? It's good to have an inspiration like this in doing your passion. Hmm, roof tiles are probably hard to quilt, but I think you did it well. Are you planning to make another one? Which inspiration are you gonna use now?

  3. I agree with Nuri. But if you're good at it, Terry, then that should be a piece of cake! The details would take a lot of effort, though. If rendered well, the slight differences in shade and texture will bring your quilt to life!