Wednesday, February 01, 2012

The introvert has some time to herself

Which is, of course, what introverts love! Ha!

I loved all the comments and responses to my post from yesterday about introversion. What I didn't mention yesterday, but which the comments reminded me of, is that it is a continuum, not a strict division of personality types. This, I think, explains the comments about being both or one at some times and the other at other times. The studies that were done on infants had to do with their response to noise and other stimuli. Those who were most sensitive, were found, in later life, to be the introverts to varying degrees .

At some level even distinguishing these kinds of differences between people makes me a little uncomfortable. It begins to come across as an "us v. them" thing, and it really isn't. I love my extroverted friends and almost feel as if I am drawn to extroverts in order to add  balance to my inward ways. At the same time I was very taken by Del's observation that " I tend to REALLY clam up when I am with extroverts."  I do that too. I am most introverted when I am with a really, really verbal, outgoing person.

I also realized that I really loaded that question about who you would rather sit down and visit with! (Honestly, would anyone want to share time with Newt?) Perhaps I should have let you choose between Bill Clinton (the extrovert) and Barak Obama (the introvert). Or Mitt Romney (the introvert) and Newt Gingrich (the extrovert). Still probably unfair.

So, after a walk and coffee with friends first thing this morning, I came home and had the rest of the day to myself. Ray was working in Salem, so the place was all mine I puttered in the studio for most of the day. It was wonderful.

I figured out a way to mount this big roll of paper on the side of my ironing table. I use the paper for all kinds of things in the studio—working out patterns, or templates, wrapping things, keeping a surface clean, etc. I wanted it where I could easily roll out a length and cut it off. The right kind of hardware for mounting it doesn't seem to exist, so I hobbled this together using a pair of shelf supports, round plastic holders for a closet rod and a large dowel. It seems to work fine. I need to fill those grooves on the tops of the brackets, then it will be perfect. Nice to have that done.

I have been looking for a green top and have not been able to find anything. So I made one. Started and finished today. I rarely sew clothes, but this project went smoothly and quickly and I like the result.

I really am making art quilts too, but nothing I can show just yet. Tomorrow promises to be another day to myself. I might just do something fun and experimental.

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