Saturday, February 25, 2012

Saturday stuff

Here's a little piece (7" square) that I made today for a friend whose heart has kind of taken some battering this past month.

My rubber stamp,impulsively purchased online in the throes of rubber stamp intoxication, arrived today.

I like it. It is about an inch and three quarters tall. It is my personal icon. Besides collecting old scissors, I like scissor-y things. I have several pins that are scissor designs, including these two.

That bottom one is a hoot, isn't it? Found at a crafts sale. I lost it for a long time and just found it pinned to a coat collar. I pulled the coat out of the back of the closet to take to Goodwill and there was the pin. It reminds me of a bird, with the screw for an eye and the blades as its beak, so it is kind of two favorite images in one.


  1. Your friend is very lucky to have you for a friend. It was lovely of you to make the heart quitlet for her.
    I, too, love scissors (and thimbles). The way you display yours is so clever and I may need to copy what you have done, even though I don't have nearly as many as you.

  2. Love your 7" block, and hope your friend's heart is on the mend.
    The scissor pins are nice - and even before I read your words, I also thought the bottom one looked like a bird.


  3. Those are all really cool. I especially like the crowscissors too. :-)

  4. I love the background quilting/thread work that you do. It gives each piece a wonderful base.