Monday, February 06, 2012

Lovely lady

My friend, Del Thomas, has had a gallery at the Visions Art Museum in San Diego named in her honor. First, I must tell you that the Visions Museum is one of the few art museums in the world, and probably the best known, that is dedicated to the art of the quilt. Then I must tell you that Del, a collector and dedicated supporter of quilt art and quilt artists is probably the best friend a quilt artist could ever have. Her Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection is large and eclectic. Here she is at the opening, last week, of the newly named gallery, and an exhibit of some of the small quilts from her collection.

Del has been such an incredible motivator for me, personally. She owns several pieces of mine and has been generous with her praise and encouragement. There are two of my pieces in the photo above. "Laurel" is in the top row, third from the left, and "Tillamook Rooster" is the first piece in the third row down on the left. Del's sponsorship made possible the Twelve by Twelve exhibits at the International Quilt Festival shows in Houston, Cincinnati and Long Beach this year—not a small thing! In addition to her incredible generosity and patronage, she is a dear and lovely person. The last time I saw her, she was passing through Portland and we met for coffee. She brought along a new quilt acquisition to show me. A beautiful quilt that she was so excited to share. Such enthusiasm and  passion for our medium. I love hearing her talk about it. It is fitting that her name will always be attached to such a prestigious quilt art gallery.

Join me in a toast — "Here's to Del!"

  My quilt, "Douglas Fir Cone" is the latest addition to the Thomas Contemporary Quilt Collection.

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  1. Here's to Del!
    Del has excellent taste because she has at least three of your wonderful quilts, Terry.