Friday, February 10, 2012


Did you miss me? It has not been a real blog-worthy week.  I have learned that one of my "introvert" traits is that I only talk when I have something to say, so I guess that applies to the blog as well. I've been busy with stuff. I have had several meetings this week, which is a mixed blessing. Driving all over the place, but being with friends and getting things done.

My "shweeshwee" project is coming right along, but I have no photos to show. I will. Soon.

It is valentine time. I worked on the valentines today and made the shocking discovery, when I went to buy paper and envelopes, that Paper Zone has closed. That is really distressing. Wonderful store.  I got so much beautiful paper there and I haven't a clue where to go now. So that put me in a bit of a funk. Paper Zone—gone. I bought envelopes at Staples. Boring, cheesy envelopes. Fortunately I had a supply of this deep red paper (purchased at Paper Zone)  from another project. The best part of making valentines is the great paper. Sigh. Tell me, tell me, if there is still a good source for beautiful paper in the Portland area.

In the process of moving my art and craft supplies to the new studio, I ran across things long forgotten, including a set of card-weaving cards. Funnily enough, I had recently wondered if I still had them. I need new handles for a beautiful basket I bought in Mexico a few years ago. The fiber handles got very brittle and last summer on our trip they broke. I learned card weaving many years ago and always loved the wonderful patterned straps and belts you could make without a loom. (Google "card weaving" or "tablet weaving" if you want to know more. Tons of info on the web) So I bought some supplies this week, really simple cotton crochet threads, and started weaving new handles for my basket. It is something I can do in the evening to stay awake! It goes rather quickly, but you do have to pay attention to how you turn the cards to achieve the pattern. It needs to be pretty long, so I will be at it for awhile.

One of my meetings this week was to start planning the next Washington County Open Studio tour this coming October. I am going to be handling the registrations. I am really looking forward to having my studio open for the first time. It is a good incentive to get a lot done in the coming months.


  1. Well, shoot! I loved the Paper Zone. I could always find what I wanted and more. I really like your Valentine design and the weaving looks interesting. I may have to add that to my list of must try someday.

  2. Funny! I got out my weaving cards this week, too. Just had a need to do something fun like that, so I'm thinking a nice new snazzy lanyard for my badge to begin with...
    Can't wait to get my valentine!

  3. Anonymous6:43 AM

    here maybe?

  4. You've made me wonder where MY card weaving cards are!


  5. Paper Source at Bridgeport Village!! There is also a paper store on MLK or Grant near Avery.

  6. Heather Pool8:53 AM

    Paper Source in NorthWest Portland has papers, envelopes and all sorts of fun, crafty things and gifts.