Monday, July 09, 2012

The hat, again

I took the hat on my trip and it was used a lot. Worked perfectly in my opinion. On one windy day it occurred to me it might be good to add a cord or strap to keep it on. I think I will do that for my rainhat version.

Up on the mountain with my hat. That's my cousin Ginger in the red and family friend, Virginia, with me.

Here is my brother in the hat. It fit him nicely and he liked it enough that I think I'll make one for him. We stopped here for our picnic lunch the day we drove through Yellowstone Park. Steve is looking quite smug because our family name name is Howard.

I spent a couple of hours drafting the pattern and turning it into a .pdf file this afternoon. (See how much I love my big-headed friends?) If you want a copy of the pattern leave a comment with your email address in it and I will send it to you.

Because of the size of the pattern pieces you will have to cut four each of the brim and crown pieces and tape them together to get the full size pattern pieces, but I think it is pretty straightforward.

I found some great fabrics today for rain hats, which I will make from the same pattern. I found a store that carries all kinds of outdoor type fabrics, as well as all the clips and toggles and zippers and other goodies one might need. For those of you in Portland, you need to check it out! For the rest of you, they do mail order, but you miss out on the bin of remnants where I found my fabrics. Rose City Textiles. This was a great resource and the clerk I worked with was super helpful and knowledgeable.


  1. This is a great hat, and looks so comfy and usable! How generous to offer your pattern, thank you very much.

    i look forward to making one of these for myself!! Will send a picture of it when i do... many smiles

  2. Looks like a gret hat for all ages. Please send me a copy and Thanks so much.

  3. always look forward to your blog and would enjoy this pattern.


  4. Wow, love it! Thanks for sharing! I'd love a copy of the pattern - please send to giddy99 (at) yahoo (dot) com? Thanks again. :)

  5. Nanette Fleischman5:51 AM

    thank you, from a big headed woman

  6. mother doesn't have a "big head" but she absolutely loves hats and it would be so fun to make her something all scrappy and wild...make it easier to keep track of her to be please send me the pattern!

  7. You are such a wonderful wealth of information. I'm so happy to know about Rose City Textiles!!! Thank you.

  8. Oh how I can relate to the big head issue! I'd love to have the pattern for your hat. It's very cute!

  9. Heather Pool7:48 AM

    Love the hat for MY big head!

  10. It was just yesterday I tried on a broad brimmed hat while shopping in was too small as usual!


  11. Anonymous10:10 AM

    I love your blog and I love your hat! Thank you for going to the trouble to make a pattern available. My email address is


  12. Donna D.10:15 AM

    I would love to have a copy of your pattern, as I can never find any hats that fit properly.

  13. I would love to have a copy of the big heated hst pattern to try making.

  14. That is a great photo of you.

  15. My husband wants one - and perhaps I can shrink the pattern by half for my tiny head. LOL

    Oh - and I hardly dare go in RCT. She shows me all the new stuff and makes me want everything. There's some waxed canvas in there that keeps calling me and wants to be a raincoat. LALALALA I can't hear you..... :)

    Thanks Terry!

  16. Anonymous11:35 AM

    Love the hat! My Daddy wore hats much like this one when I was growing up...."helping" with yard work. Would love to make one for myself...and maybe my brother. I would be so happy to receive a copy of the pattern! Thank you for your thoughtful and generous offer.....happy sewing!

  17. Could you please add me to the list? My head is probably more petite, but I'm sure I can adjust it a bit to downsize it. My hubby thinks it's a good looking hat too and he does have an extra large head.

    jean shute at

  18. Anonymous12:46 PM

    Hi Terry,

    Have been enjoying your blog for a long time. I'd enjoy having a copy of your pattern because everything you do is beautiful. Thanks in advance.


  19. Bring the hat to STASH on Thursday!

  20. Anonymous7:18 PM

    Terry, I diligently read your blog and have done so for some years. I feel I know you since I am also an Eastern Idaho grownup (Ucon). My head isn't quite as large as yours, but I've been somewhat adept at adjusting patterns and would LOVE a copy of that delightful hat pattern. Thank you so much for offering it.

    Carol in Boise

  21. I used to wear my father's hats because they fit me and not my brothers! I'd love to use up some of my stash in that hat! Thanks for your inspiration and your willingness to share. I think of you practically every day because one of your birds is sitting there saying "keep going! keep going!"

  22. My husband (and his family) have huge heads. I'd love to be able to make this hat for him.

    If you have gmail, you could put the document up on google docs and let us download it ourselves -- and save yourself some work -- even tho I love getting non-spam email. :)

    Thanks so much!

    Ida in Central PA

  23. A whole new career - hat designer.
    I would like the pattern. Del

  24. What a great hat. My husband is the one with the big head in our family, and he is getting a little thin on top. I know if I made him your hat in some wild fabric, he would wear it. Thank you so much for going to all the trouble of making a pdf and sending it out.

  25. My big head would love a hat like yours! Thanks

    Sue in Mendicino (an ocean person)

  26. Anonymous3:48 AM

    Terry, I too have a big head! Sigh. Love your hat and would appreciate greatly a copy of the pattern. Thanks so much for doing this for us big heads out there:)

  27. What a great hat!
    I would love the pattern.. Thanks so much for is my email
    Thanks again

  28. Love the hat! would love the pattern, thanks for offering it.
    <3 judi
    mystyq at roadrunner dot com

  29. We all have big heads and most hats just perch on top of them.

  30. love that hat! please email me the pattern.

    tamkrumwiede at hotmail dot com

    thanks for creating it!

  31. Anonymous7:08 AM

    My family and I are all members of the big head clan. I'd love to make these hats for all of us, if it's not too late to ask.
    I love your blog and your creative processes. Thanks for the pattern and for the inspiration.


  32. Another big headed gal here. I remember while in high school, I always wore a "male" band hat. Even now, I tend toward "man" hats! I would love to have the pattern and know of several relatives that would also love to receive a hat that actually fits them. Thank you so much for sharing.

  33. Hi, Terry! I just found you blog after seeing you on "Quilting Arts" this morning.I love your art quilts! And I am a "mountain" person as well! I live in the valley in No Ca. & don't feel I can truly breathe till we go for drives in the mountains!
    It would be awesome if you could send me the "big head hat" pattern - my e-mail is
    I hope to see more of your work in the future, it is amazing!

  34. Anonymous12:31 PM

    I love your hat. I have tried to make a hats for my my father , his sister and brother. They all have the need for a larger size of hat. Thank you for the offer of sending a pdf of the pattern you drafted out.

    Cari Jimison

  35. Hi! I know I'm way behind, but I have great admiration for your hat! Could I have the pattern, too? Thank you!

  36. I've been searching the internet looking for instructions on how to enlarge hat patterns and stumbled across your GREAT blog. I'm a Therese, too, tho' I don't really use a nick name. If you could send me your hat pattern, I'd be forever grateful. What a generous deed!

    I'm tabaumann "at" mindspring "dot" com

    Thank you and regards, Therese