Sunday, July 15, 2012

My week in art

Thursday was the reveal day for the Twelve by Twelve group's "Mythology" theme 12 x 20 quilts. You can go over to our blog and see the results here. Just scroll down through the entries from Thursday. Lots of great work and really good stories to go with it. You can see my explanation of Pachamama, the Earth Mother here. Here she is.

She represents all the Earth Mother/Goddess figures from worldwide mythology, but especially the figure of Pachamama, the Quechua earth mother from the Andes of South America. What may not be noticeable, but was a fun feature that I added, are some small symbols quilted into the sky background. They include "earthly" figures of animals, insects, tree, leaf, flower, as well as the sun and a human form jumping over the moon.

Also on Thursday, was our monthly meeting of STASH at Gerrie's house. Suzy and Beth were traveling, so there were only four of us, but Gerrie had prepared a very fun project for us. She had a large, gessoed canvas set up on the patio outside her studio and a selection of acrylic paints and brushes. We did a big group painting, each of us moving around the table adding elements, adding to other peoples elements, ending up with a densely painted piece. She will cut it into 6 pieces and each of us will take one which we will incorporate into a project of our choosing.


  1. Are the tiny dots on the background of Pachamama part of the original fabric? Or did you add them?

  2. The dots in the background were added with paint.

  3. Your STASH project looks like great fun and it'll be fun to see how everyone uses the pieces!

  4. Love the quilted symbols in the background. You've really developed a unique style of your own with your quilting. I always enjoy seeing portraits of wise strong women.

  5. Anonymous6:31 PM

    I saw your work at the Houston Festival last Fall and have been following your blog ever since, although I haven't posted comments. Just wanted you to know I think your work is very inspirational . . . love Mother Earth! Cheryl