Sunday, January 26, 2014

Digital Drawing Day - Two Household Items

Week two of our digital drawing exchange. I think we are both showing growth, even in such a short time! Well, we are enjoying it anyway. This week's theme, suggested by June, was two household items of any size or mode that "talk" to one another. Anything from tchotchkes (knicknacks) to pianos; "talk" in the visual sense.

Without further ado—

Panama Hat and Ceramic Orb
Is a hat a household item? I hope so! Both are souvenirs of Ecuador and nearly identical in color. I wanted to try using some of the pattern brushes and I must say I was pretty pleased, especially with the way the multiple line brush approximated the woven texture of the hat.  I also used a "speckle" brush on the orb which softened the surface nicely. Those pattern brushes might not be as hokey as I first thought.

 I have to confess that I started with a photo and used it to trace the outlines of the two objects, then cleared the photo layer and worked from the setup for the rest.

 IPad, Sketch Club app, New Trent Arcadia stylus

Crow Calculus
Back when I made a lot of art using crows as a subject, Del Thomas sent me a little crow desk ornament. Made of something very hard and heavy, the crow has watched me with interest for years. Its head is tipped to one side inquisitively, and the detail  on the statuette is
compelling. It sits on my printer stand, beside the calculator that is solar powered.

The details on the statue made it possible for me to copy the wing patterns nicely. I didn't quite capture the tipped head, but liked the way it looked at the calculator. Hence, Crow Calculus.

Background photo, layered with sketched crow and calculator, Art Rage for PC, Wacom tablet and stylus.

Next week's assignment: plant matter, dead or alive


  1. As an call center agent in Sweden all i can say here is impressive i also used to draw but i never been draw a drawing looks like have a life.

  2. The feathers on June's crow are pretty impressive. You're right about what that brush adds to your hat, Terry, in the way of mimicking weave. Bad enough that Hockney had already been taunting me with his digital work for well over a year. Now you guys adding to the tease. As if I didn't have enough to explore already! ;-)

  3. I have to remember you are doing this on Sundays. I forgot this week. Nothing wrong with tracing. It familiarises your brain with the subject.