Sunday, January 19, 2014

Digital Drawing Day

You know, if you've been reading this blog, that I have been playing around with drawing/painting apps for my iPad. My friend, June Underwood, is also interested in digital art and has been experimenting on her PC and her Android tablet. Last week we went to San Francisco to see the David Hockney exhibit at the deYoung Museum and we were both pretty fascinated with Hockney's digital paintings. We decided we would challenge one another to do at least one digital painting each week and we would exchange them on Sunday. Today was the first exchange. I suggested that the first one be something simple—a coffee mug. June will suggest some common factor for our next drawings. With June's permission, I will post the results here on my blog. Ready? Here are our first digital drawings!


This is an image of a cup. I thought I'd identify it, just in case. The writing says "La Grenouille" meaning "The Frog." The cup has a frog on it. It is not my favorite cup, because I have often painted my favorite cup and thought I'd challenge myself. I did so. This is an image of a cup.

All done on the desktop PC. Art Rage and Photoshop, the latter because at least I know the menu possibilities. Sigh.


I could have used the same red mug I painted last week, but I, too, wanted to challenge myself, so I used a mug handmade by Susan Gallacher Turner, one of the artists in the Open Studios group. The shape was challenging, as well as depicting all the decorative elements on it. My background consists of the things already laying on my diningroom table—some yellow fabrics sent to me by my friend Del and the San Francisco guidebook I took with me last week.

Done on iPad, using Sketch Club app.

Are you experimenting with digital drawing apps? Play along with us if you like! Post your drawings on your blog and send me a link, or send me your drawing and I will post it here.

Next week's challenge from June: two household items of any size or mode that "talk" to one another. Anything from tchotchkes (knicknacks) to pianos; "talk" in the visual sense.

Thanks for the comments on the last digital drawings I posted. I am really enjoying this process of trying out all the possibilities of these apps to see what I like. A couple people said I was being "hard on myself" in my dislike of the first drawing. Actually I was being hard on the tool and expressing my dissatisfaction with the results it yielded. I really focus on line in all of my artwork and the quality of the line is what I am looking at. A weak, tentative line is not a beautiful line, in my opinion.

I wish I knew who the other Terry was who commented, "They do look like "tablet" digital art work but that's a good thing. It's a new media!" Oh, how I loved that comment. My sentiments exactly. And I can always count on Kristin to get what I am talking about. The "character" in the line is what I found lacking as well.

I found a simple solution to the problem of not being able to rest my hand on the tablet as I draw.

 Yes, that is a sock. It slides around under my hand and keeps it from contacting the screen and creating odd marks on the drawing. I might see if I have a small piece of fleece, which would be a little more elegant, but the sock works great for now!


  1. Socks are useful in so many ways.....!

  2. Maybe you could use a finger-less glove? Am itching to try the app on my iPad. Will have to make time soon!

  3. Maybe a finger-less glove would work as well...?

  4. You have totally inspired me to have a go at this, so I have and I find I really like it!

    1. Thank you Vicki! So great to see your digital sketches. I love what you did and hope you will keep sharing.

  5. When I saw your sentence "yes, that is a sock" I felt like saying (about my drawing) "yes, that is a cup." But it isn't as bad as I thought when I looked at it last night. I'm struggling with lots of things -- had to crop the image because I have no sense of space on the plane of the screen. And as I said, I'm also inept with the tools. But I'm hoping that with this kind of discipline -- I can't embarrass myself, now can I -- I will get better. Hope springs eternal.

    Thanks, Terry, for joining me in this endeavor and for inviting others. What fun! Even if I did have doubts last night.

  6. Oops, signing in with google lost my comment.

    Thanks for putting up with my sighing and complaining about the process, Terry. I actually think this will do me a lot of good in overcoming all the ineptitudes that crop up with the new medium. Your sock idea is a good one. And thanks for asking others to join us. What fun!


  7. Terry, I love your sketch of my cup and honored you used it!

    I love this idea of sharing drawings from blog to blog, so Terry, I am taking the challenge. This week I will put a digital drawing on my blog,

  8. Great idea with the sock! I will try it. I've been using Paper 53 a pretty basic drawing App. I down loaded yours but as it's more complicated, I haven't had a real go at it yet. Looks fun though.

  9. I'm wondering if you could recommend a good tutorial. I'm reading the help but still can't figure out how to remove the photo layer once you've drawn over it.

    1. I have found some information about using the apps by Googling, but have not found a great tutorial. I have mostly just experimented until I figured things out! You can get rid of the photo layer, by going into the layers menu, select the layer and choose "clear layer".

    2. Thank you. I had no experience with any photo program so the layers took a bit of learning. I did google it and you're right, there isn't much. I have begun to figure out. It's fun!