Saturday, September 24, 2005


Our daughter lives in Ecuador, so we have been there a number of times. I love the folk art and textiles you find there, and can't resist the wonderful markets, especially the one in Otavalo. The Otavalenos are especially famed for their weaving. While it is similar to weaving from Mexico or Guatamala, I find the quality much better. The piece in the photo is about 5 feet long and is all wool. It hangs in the stairwell of our house and makes me happy everytime I look at it.

Here are some other woven wool items I purchased in Otavalo. The smaller pieces are pillow covers--I need to buy some pillow forms to go into them--and I love my shoulder bag with wonderful soft leather trim so much I am almost afraid to use it.

The colors in these weavings make me warm and nostalgic for Ecuador and the Andes. Sigh----aren't they beautiful?

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  1. They are beautiful pieces. I was just reading about Otavalo yesterday.