Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Shopping trip

Before I could experiment with printing, I needed a sheet of glass or plexiglas to work on. I have some favorite places to buy cheapo art supplies and equipment. I started with Wacky Willy's--or at least thought that was where I would start. I drove down to the usual location and it was gone! There was no sign of Wacky Willy's or any indication of what had become of it. Wacky Willys (henceforth known as WW's) was this place that was jam-packed full of the oddest array of wierd stuff I have ever seen. Lots of old assorted computer equipment, but also a whole area of medical stuff--plastic basins for barfing in, tubes and syringes (minus the needles) and pads and all manner of sort of disconcerting stuff. But I could always find very cheap plastic jars and lids that were great for paints and dyes and that sort of thing. (yes, they were intended for, errrrm, "specimens" but were clean and unused) I thought I had seen some old glass shelves that I figured could work for printing, but alas, no WW's.

So I headed across the river to City Liquidators. It is one of those places where you can buy almost anything that fell off a truck or came out of bankruptcy or God knows where. Furniture, dishes, toys, tools, etc. etc. Out front they had a stack of sheets of glass marked .50 each. I snagged two. One for me and one for my friend, Jeri, if she wants it. They are nice thick glass, with polished edges, measuring 20" x 17". Almost perfect and the price was right.

When I got home I looked up WW's on the web and found that they did not close (whew!) but are in the process of moving.

These are probably the two tackiest stores in Portland. I just love 'em.


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    I couldn't find on their site where the new WackyWillie's is in the Portland area. Got an address?

  2. If you go to their contact info page they have the new location listed. It is 2568 N.W. Wilson St., corner of NW 26th.