Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fabric Art - New Orleans

Some great people on the Quiltart list came up with an idea to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. They quickly put up a web site and solicited fabric artists around the world to donate small pieces that could be sold at a reasonable price ($100 max). Buyers make their checks payable to the American Red Cross. I was happy to donate 5 small pieces, 4 of which have sold, thus far, for $100 each, which just makes me feel great. This has given me a place to put my feelings of frustration and sadness in a way that really helps people.

In addition to the web sale, there will be a sale of small quilts at the huge International Quilt Festival in Houson in October. I have made another small piece that I am donating to that sale.

This piece expresses my wishes for the people of New Orleans--a bright new day that starts with chickory coffee au lait and beignet at the Cafe du Monde.

My experience of New Orleans has been as a tourist only, but it is a place that stays with you. Among all the cities of the world, it is unique, beautiful, eccentric--a treasure. And of course, has the best soundtrack of any city anywhere!

As I was making this piece I wondered if anyone would "get" it. Looks like a cup of coffee and a plate of, uhhhh, something. I took it to show to my small art quilt group last night and immediately two of them said, "ahhh--beignet and coffee!" in that wistful, nostalgic way that told me that it struck a cord. Of course another said, " Coffee and--what?" So, I guess those that will get it will get it and maybe one of them will buy it.

Click on the "art doing good" logo and it will take you to the online sale.


  1. Anonymous12:01 PM

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  2. ahhh, so you have joined the collective...we knew you would (wink) nice blog, nice pieces! oh, and you might want to go to your settings and set it so that people making comments have to type in that little verification code. That way you don't get the spam like above, yeesh. You probably already know that you can delete them, right?

  3. Anonymous4:10 PM

    I really like this piece. It makes the most of the medium, which not all art quilts do!!! Nice composition, too...really great! Thanks for posting it...

    ~Allison, across the river from you in Washougal...

  4. Oh, yes Cafe du Monde. I can smell the beignets and see the powdered sugar down the front of my shirt...and the fresh orange juice.

    By the way I've been getting this same kind of spam from "Anonymous" on my blog. It's very annoying. You can erase those unwanted comments by clicking on the little trashcan icon.

  5. Congrats on your blog!!! Gorgeous work - I love the faces...

    Have you joined "Artful Quilters Web Ring" yet?

    I just learned about the word verification and how to delete comments with the little trash can icon. It's great that the creative ones out there are so helpful!!!