Saturday, November 19, 2005

Comments, questions and answers

I'm never sure of the etiquette of blog comments--do I e-mail the commenter or respond with my own comment or blog about the comments? Whether I am doing it right or not, you can be sure that I really appreciate the comments. I never knew I was such a piggie for validation, but when I open the blog and see that comments have been left I fairly squeal, "goodie, goodie, goodie."

So, now you know I just loved the comments about the Ecuadorean woman quilt. To answer Allison's question--right now the piece measures 24" by 40". I'm sure by the time it is quilted and trimmed it will be a couple inches smaller in each dimension. The woman is slightly smaller than life size. (Actually, as I think about it, most Ecuadoreans are smaller than my concept of lifesize, so maybe she's lifesize after all.) Mary, the folds in the shawl are painted and I am thrilled that you had to ask!


  1. Anonymous6:21 PM

    Terry, I love comments on my blog, too. But I think we enjoy them for a deeper reason even than validation (although that counts!) I would hazard a guess and generalize that most of us in the textile blogging community are studio oriented people, which means we work by ourselves quite a bit. This blogging community is a wonderful and entirely valid form of social interaction--and it's the kind we love, that includes feedback about out work!

  2. Good morning, as far as etiquette...I believe responding either/or are appropriate. Sometimes if a comment leaves me feeling wordy I'll email. If I think my reply to a comment is something more than one person may be interested in, I'll reply in the comment section but then I wonder if the commentor who I'm responding to will come back and see it and will end up emailing them anyways.