Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Simple Still Life

Some of the bloggers I read are participating in an exercise called "Simple Still Life". I have been intrigued, especially with the latest challenge, which is to start with a photo of 5 of something. Then the idea is to manipulate the photo in Photoshop or create something in some other way. I haven't officially "joined" this challenge, but thought I would play with the idea. I started with 5 leaves picked up in my yard. I actually just laid them on the scanner and scanned, rather than taking a photo. I liked the shape of these leaves--simple. I liked the green color (though I ended up changing it) and the black marking on them.

So then I started fooling around in Photoshop and came up with some changes.

The first one turned out very quilt-like, I think. This looks like something I might do in fabric. I cropped the next ones to make them horizontal. I make almost nothing with a horizontal orientation. I don't know why.

This is kind of fun. It has given me some ideas for fabric pieces I'd like to try.


  1. I decided to join the SSL group after walking out and seeing 5 leaves stuck to the back window of my truck ... I love what you did with yours (and can't wait to someday see the quilt that comes from them).

  2. It's amazing how different they look with different backgrounds... interested to see what you do with them...

  3. I love the bright backgrounds. This would be great in handpainted fabric. Jen

  4. The split orange and green behind the leaves is spectacular....is begging to be a quilt.

  5. These are really beautiful studies.