Friday, November 11, 2005

Isn't the Internet Amazing?

I take it for granted, but sometimes I am reminded again what an amazing resource the internet is. When I started writing this blog in September I posted some examples of my graphic design work. Katherine Nicholson, who lives in New York state, saw the logo examples and e-mailed me. She was interested in a logo for her quilt-related web site. I e-mailed her my prices and a questionaire about what she needed and we were off and running. Entirely by e-mail, I sent her ideas and choices, she responded with likes and dislikes. We auditioned different typefaces and background colors, tweaked a little here, tried different borders on the circle, changed some colors and in pretty short order came up with the image you see below.

If you click on the logo it will take you to Katherine's web site. She wanted the look and feel of the green valleys of Vermont. I think she especially liked the tree. It was fun working with her and I feel like I have both a client and a new friend, but we've never met and likely never will. We live about as far apart as we possibly could and still live in the same country.

Isn't the internet amazing?

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