Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Rarely Honest Mike's

Ray and I took a short road trip yesterday to celebrate our 35th anniversary. We drove out into the woods to Belknap Hot Springs to spend the night. On our way we stopped in Estacada, Oregon at the most amazing junk store ever. The truck parked out front acts as a sign to the highway traffic.

Mike has everything in large quantities and it is quite organized as far as having like things together. Need a rolling pin? Or salt and pepper shakers?

Here's Mike--or at least that's what the nametag says.

Ray found a cool set of ceramic Moroccan bongo drums. I added to my old scissor collection.


  1. Oh lucky you. Our two wonderful second hand junk shops have both shut down and I am bereft! I am a real junk addict!

  2. i'm loving those rolling pins!

  3. Anonymous12:37 PM

    I love thrift shops - this one looks like great fun. Good find.

    And happy anniversary!

  4. 35 years! Wonderful! Congratulations.

  5. CONGRATULATIONS on the 35 years!!!

    I collect rolling pins so that picture sure catch my eye......how much are they selling them for???

  6. A friend recommended this store to me as well, however I haven't had any luck finding an address or phone number. Do you happen to have either? :)