Sunday, December 21, 2008

Tree #9

The Penultimate tree. I think Disney cartoons infiltrated my brain and made me believe that birds could decorate a Christmas tree, draping it in ribbons. Well, maybe they can.

It is the morning after the big snow. I'm still in my robe, drinking coffee and reading blogs. I am planning an inside day. I may even do some art. The snow, outside, is beautiful, but I am content to enjoy it from inside.

I made little gifts for my STASH friends. I had planned to give them at our Christmas lunch on Thursday, but we cancelled due to the weather. So I planned to give them to them when they came to our party yesterday. Only one was able to get here. So they will get them sometime in January. I made each a coaster to sit next to their sewing machine. Use it for pins or your warm beverage or whatever works for you. I am happy with how they turned out.

I selected several of my quilts for the images and had nice color copies made at Kinko's, then decoupaged them to the bottom of heavy glass coasters from IKEA. (They are actually made, I think, to set a candle on) Then I added a round of self-stick cork to the back so they don't scratch the surface they are on. Done.

They won't be a surprise now, but my friends can guess which one is theirs. (I selected the design especially for each person). I hope you like them!


  1. Terry, I have really been enjoying your trees. I'm glad you found them. I bet they look beautiful displayed all together.

    And your coaster ideas is wonderful! What a thoughtful and personal gift!

  2. The trees just get better! I want my coaster, NOW!! I am going down to work in the chilly studio and I need a warm beverage next to me. Hmmm! I wonder which one is mine,

  3. Oboy! Something to look forward to, assuming the roads ever clear...