Saturday, June 27, 2009

Beaverton Farmers Market

It was a perfect day for a visit to the Beaverton Farmers' Market. It is one of the largest and best (in my opinion) of the Farmers' Markets in the Portland area. Produce, flowers, plants, artisan cheeses, bread, entertainment and fragrantly alluring lunch choices sizzling and steaming under canopies. We bought plants and artichokes and bread, then found a shady spot on the grass to eat our lunch of freshly made tamales and freshly squeezed limeade. Wandering back toward the car we paused to watch the kids playing in the fountain.

Beautiful day.

pickled beets looked jewel-like in the sunshine

Lots of cute kids and babies

when I lose Ray I usually find him looking at plants

The market is at one side of the city park. Lots of families enjoying the market, the sunshine and the fountain today.


  1. The flowers are incredible! But sadly I'll never be able to find such an arrangement in our country, because nobody here would ever combine these colours :-(

  2. Looks like a great market! I'm still thinking about the birds...