Thursday, June 18, 2009

The flowers

More photos from our day at the Oregon Garden.

Did you know that artichokes are a type of thistle and if left to flower they develop a flower very much like a thistle flower? At that point they are no longer edible. But why would you ever let that happen, when they are so delicious at the pre-flower stage?

We discussed flowers and gardening in the car and at the garden. Reva is taking the Master Gardener training program and Gale is an avid gardener as is Gerrie. I am not so hands-on, as I have Ray to do the dirty work (and he loves it), but I do love the results. It is hard not to feel serene, surrounded by all that beauty. You can feel any tense muscles relax and your pulse slow. Awwww.


Three kinds of irises, among the grasses

Unknown—anyone know what it is?


Everyone wanted to know what this plant is that looks a little like a firework exploding. The guide on the tram didn't know.


  1. I let the artichokes go to flower because they are so beautiful. I can go to the grocery store or farmers' market to buy artichokes, but the only place I can see an artichoke flower is in my backyard.


  2. Anonymous10:33 AM

    The tall blue plant is a "Verbena bonarensis" (sorry, I only know the botanical name, but maybe it`s helpfull). The firework-like one could be a sort of the "Allium"-family.
    Love your blog, brings me lot of inspirations!


  3. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Hi Terry, tried it through normal e-mail but could not get in touch. I like to sew and quilt like you...and I love to garden. The purple one is indeed Verbena bonariensis, like Susanna said.Not entirely hardy here but it sows out nicely. The bottom picture is an Allium schubertii. In my garden I have Allium christophii ( not so spikey ) The bulbs are planted in autumn and bloom in early summer.
    You best put them between low other plants because the foliage is already yellow when it blooms!
    Love to follow your blog ( found it through Melody's ! ) Warm greatings from the Netherlands,
    Els Snieder.

  4. Anonymous8:38 AM

    The unknown purple flower is a Mexican Verbena. I have had it for years, the birds reseed it everywhere.
    Sally Brus

  5. These flowers are amazing! So colorful and lifelike. Simply Gorgeous! What a great idea. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm so glad I found this.