Saturday, June 06, 2009


We have been going through boxes, pricing, saving or discarding things for our yard sale next week. A lot of this stuff has been stored in boxes for years. I went through an old trunk today to discover some of my childhood dolls covered with white mold. I don't know if they are salvageable.

I came upon a box of prints I made many years ago. Some I had forgotten about completely. All of these are linoleum block prints. This is the first print I ever made. I was in High School. It is unsigned and undated, but was probably 1963. I think this is probably the sole remaining print and I have no idea what happened to the block. Looking at it all these years later, I think it is kind of good!

Here's one from 1974. This is one I had forgotten about completely. I think I will frame it.

Here is another. This one used two blocks, one for each color. I think I still have most of these blocks in a box that I still haven't come to.

This one is teeny tiny. The print itself is about 2" across.

I will probably keep one print of each edition and put the rest in a box and sell them dirt cheap. These are but a few of what I have. This is the plight of most artists—boxes of unsold artwork that get hauled around for more than 30 years.


  1. Wow! That's wonderful! You are such a talented lady and one can tell from the earliest print. A treasure!

  2. Terri, I think you are really underestimating the appeal of these prints. You could bundle them up in sets or assortments and sell them on Etsy or here on your blog. They are, as they say, suitable for framing, and would also be a gold mine for artists who work in collage and mixed media. If you just put them in a box at your yard sale, I will be forced to buy a ticket and fly back out there to snag them!

  3. Wonderful wonderful prints. I see links to your stellar stamps. What a terrific find!!!

  4. NOOOOO! Don't put them in a box and sell them dirt cheap. Put them up for sale on your blog or on e-bay. You are such an artist and it is obvious that you were born an artist. I may have to come to your sale after all.

  5. I agree. Don't sell them dirt cheap to someone who might not even realize what they are getting. If you don't want to bother with etsy, just start tucking them into birthday cards, and christmas cards or gifting them to people who will appreciate them "just because."

    Mushrooms are super trendy again, you know!

  6. No, no. Stop! Don't sell them dirt cheap.
    There are many of us that would love to own a limited edition print by Terry Grant.
    Put them on your blog with prices.

  7. What a fun find. I personally, would love to take a mushroom print off your hands -- you know my studio needs it! I know it's extra work, but consider putting these on the blog so we get first dibs before tossing them out to the garage sale (We'll pay more, I promise).

  8. GAle Dupell4:20 PM

    I concur your talent showed at a young age. I would love one of the buildings & cars and also the cricket. Great stuff.

  9. I am a brand new quilter and blogger who has been following your blog for a couple weeks. I just couldn't resist chiming in with my compliments--I think your prints are beautiful and need to be treasured--not sold el cheapo at a yard sale!
    Denise from Canada

  10. Sell these blocks??? Are you NUtS?
    Print fabric with 'em! Your work on paper is wonderful! Another instance of not valuing one's own talents...

  11. Hi Terry, I agree with the others, I really Love the Mushroom Print, I just recently made some rustic mushroom garden art!!! I am a quilt artist and recyled metal sculpture artist. I would love one of your prints mushroom, bugs (or you got any ferns hidden away?) I will also be watching with the others to see what you decide what to do with them, Trade? Sell?
    I have been suscribed to you blog for awhile and recently started my own. Love your stuff!!! Kathi

    ps do live in OR. but to far to go for a garage sale, Dont think Hubby would go for it..LOL

  12. Well, if you aren't convinced yet, I'll chime in and urge you to sell them on you blog! They are all beautiful and worthy of a frame and wall where they can be appreciated. Have a great week.