Monday, July 06, 2009

So you think you can doodle

My guilty summer pleasure is the TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance". It really is about the only thing worth watching on TV this summer, though I am catching "True Blood" on HBO and saw the first episode of "Hung" which looks promising, if a bit risque! I like the dance show because these kids really can dance! It is always entertaining and sometimes quite thrilling. The judges are good, say intelligent things, don't bicker among themselves; the choreography is interesting and creative and the choreographers talk about what they are doing, which I find fascinating.

While I watch, I doodle. I put my pen down during the actual dancing, but doodle while I listen to the talky part. I am continuing the doodle style I showed awhile back. Here are the latest.

I find I am now seeing patterns to doodle everywhere I go. Even peapods in the garden.

This one (above) is not a favorite. I think the center turned out looking like a little quilt with a ruffle around it—or molars around it.

Ray dubbed this one a "Martian fruit".

There is something really quite satisfying about working in black and white. I saw the Escher exhibit at the Portland Art Museum this month, and Escher's prints are really wonderful and graphic. A lot of the detail really reminded me of my doodles. And the rediscovery of my old prints has gotten me thinking a lot about the simple and not so simple process of working with only one color. I think the universe might be trying to tell me something.


  1. I love black and white. I find it always is a good bridge between themes/series/ what have you. I am itching to stitch your doodles.

  2. I love doodles, too -- but am not as in touch with my doodles as you are! I love black & white doodles with a few small areas of color (just enough to catch your eye). These are spectacular!

  3. You definitely have to listen when the universe talks! ;-) Your doodles are wonderful.

  4. You are simply bursting with creativity. Maybe you can figure out how to turn your doodles into a very cool quilt!

  5. Molars. Yes, definitely molars. You are amazing with a pen.

  6. nice! I really like the first one and the 'fruit' one is pretty cool...

    I signed up for the Zentangle newsletter..did you see they are having a challenge - use just one 'tangle'..but different variations of it for the whole drawing..

    have been doodling away in meetings..

  7. Lovely! I like the martian fruit.

  8. My favourite is the last one, but it is hard to choose, they are all very appealing. And a great method to bridge "idle" parts of tv. I like to embroider or hand-quilt during these moments; we bought a lamp which doesn't reflect on the tv screen. I found out that it works in most cases, because in movies, the music or silence gives a signal for me to look up. Or my husband says: "Now watch it!"

  9. Martian fruit is favorite, I think, but then it is difficult to choose! I can't be still during TV time either.


  10. Wow I love your 'doodles' the first one is great. Black and white is such a good look!

  11. These are great, Terry. I particularly like the second one, maybe because of the orientation and the fact that it's less contained than the others. Martian fruit is cool too.

    I too have recently been seduced by the idea of working without color as I continue exploring the exercises from my drawing class. It really is a different way of looking at the world, just like Black and White photography. Not better, just different with its own fascination. Keep doodling!

  12. My "Joseph Bird" arrived and it is even prettier than in the picture. I will treasure it always!

  13. Anonymous8:12 AM

    your doodles are absolutely wonderful!

  14. Hello dear,
    May I ask you a question?
    May I use your doodle pictures to make them into a tube? This is an cut-out picture which is used in Paint shop pro and photoshop and that kind of programs. Then we
    make our own creations with it. It becomes like an blend. The doodle stays thesame only the white background disapears and ofcourse I will add your name/credits on it!
    Here you can see an example of the creations I mean: (copy and paste into your browser). The flowerthing on the bottom is also a doodle. Hope you understand what I mean now. Love your work!
    Love, Roxyfloxsy