Thursday, July 30, 2009

Taking pictures

One of the things that blogging has done for me is to really increase my interest in photography. I think an increased interest in photography also increases my awareness of the world around me. All in all, it's really a good thing and something that I enjoy.

When I got my current camera the quality of my photographs improved dramatically, but the downside was that the larger camera was harder to carry around. Recently I bought myself a very small backpack that I can use instead of a purse and it holds my camera nicely. I would never have gotten the picture of the llama if my camera had not been in my bag next to me the day we drove down to Ashland last week.

When we were in Ashland, just after we stopped to see our old house, we saw a deer walking along the side of the road. I was able to roll down my window and snap this picture of him.

I'm not sure why I wanted a picture of a deer, since they wander through our yard fairly regularly, but he looked so great surrounded by all that ivy.

This morning I noticed how interesting the view through the windows looked through the bamboo shades.

There's Ray out watering before it gets too hot. The thing that is interesting about this view through the blinds is that the smaller the picture, the less you see the blinds and the more you see the view outside. Wierd, huh?

OK, maybe not all my pictures are that great.


  1. Could I please have one of your bamboo shades as they are exactly what I need to make felt. I can then make lots of green overlapping felt leaves as inspired by the texture of your photographs. Even bad photos ( not that I am saying yours are of course) can be inspirational.

  2. I take my camera everywhere now. It seems a good way to record what I do and see, sort of like a diary. The memory, you know, gets so much better with age:)

  3. If the blinds were white you would barely see anything beyond them.
    With a white fence people see the fence. If the fence is a dark color (black, green, brown) people see what is beyond the fence.
    I agree about the ease of digital. I use it much more than I ever did my SLR.

  4. Wonder if you could mess with the blinds picture to get more of the picture behind? Great picture, BTW.

    Oh and the llama....I love that shot! And the could zoom in on it's ears and eyes, maybe they reflect you!