Monday, October 05, 2009

And the winner is . . .

Me. I am the real winner! I had nearly 50 comments in response to my post about my 800th post. I followed every link and looked at all the blogs. Wonderful stuff! I now have some new "must-reads." One of the most mind-blowing comments came from Lyn who wrote: "Imagine my surprise to also rediscover how connected this world is when I read about your friends Bill & see, I've been familiar with their names through my friends Dave & Robin for years." I don't know where Lyn lives, but I am in Oregon, Carla and Bill in Delaware and I believe Dave and Robin are now in Maine. I met Dave and Robin many, many years ago when they all lived in Crescent City, California. Some days I really believe the degrees of separation between any two people are even fewer than the six cited!

One of the great blogs I discovered through these comments is "Quilts and Other Stuff from Frances". When I went to her blog I found that she was also having a giveaway to celebrate her first 101 posts. She informed me this morning that I was the winner! Wouldn't it have been perfect if she had won mine? But she didn't. In the interest of fairness I used this random number generator to choose the winner, after assigning each commenter a number. Since I had so many great comments, and I am feeling lucky myself, I generated four more random numbers, whose corresponding humans will receive one of my glass coasters. They each have a picture of one of my quilts and are great to keep beside your computer or sewing machine for your tea or coffee. Nice and heavy, so they don't stick to the bottom of a damp cup.

The winner of the little stitched "garden shadows" piece is Dotti, of Peaceful Musings. You should click over to her blog to see her October 2 post of an amazing video. I really loved it.

Winners of the coasters are:
• Leigh, who barely has a blog! If she's the Leigh I think, she is right here in Portland.

Barbara, my new blogging friend from the Washington D.C. area

Brenda, my fellow "Twelve" who lives in Australia. BTW, so many of the comments mentioned how much they enjoy our Twelve by Twelve Quilt Project.

• Connie, in Kentucky, of Life Scraps and Patches. I loved reading her blog. Connie looks like someone I would love to know!

Thanks, so much, to everyone who left a comment. You really made my day!


  1. Yes, I am the one you think. I bought one of your birds. :) And I started my blog before I had The Perfect Blog Name or a Witty Post. Sometimes getting started is the hardest.

    I'm a very excited winner!! Do I pick a coaster or do you? I love the leaves/berries quilt. I remember you posting pics on that piece's evolution.

  2. I'm so excited because I never win contests like this. I can't wait to see the beautiful glass coaster. You are so creative and generous!

  3. Yay from Copacabana !

  4. Hi again, Terry. I am from Crescent City, and taught with Robin for years before they moved back to MA. Miss them! I did find your blog by chance through your tutorial, so it really is a surprise connection through friends. By the way, John Irving is one of my most favorite there going to be a new book soon? Maybe one day you'll return to visit CC. Love that! from Lyn or

  5. Congratulations to all of the winners. I guess you won too since you found new sites to see.

  6. Hi Terry,
    Sorry I missed your giveaway. I was out of town away from a computer. But congratulations on your 800. I'm only about halfway to that. I hope you know I enjoy your blog regularly and consider you a friend even though we have never met.

  7. Hurrah! Thanks SO much for the coaster to come. And the kind words too. I can't remember ever winning anything before - it's a great feeling.

  8. Gosh... I missed that post too. I must have been too busy reading the 12x12 posts! Of course, I continue to love your blog and I'm so thankful for our friendship.