Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The annual "Autumn color" edition

It's been done. It's a cliche and everyone's doing it, but I can't help myself! When the leaves start turning I always think it's the best I've ever seen and I am compelled to take a bunch of pictures. Then I post them here.

Seen out on the walking path:

Watch where you step. The slugs are out in full force.

(Geez, it seems I took almost this exact same picture and posted it 2 years ago!)

The other day Ray said, "I wonder why the leaves turn such brilliant colors in the fall. You would think they might just turn brown and then drop off the trees. Nature must have a reason for the bright color." My only explanation is just to make us happy before winter arrives.

I hope you are seeing beauty like this where you live.


  1. I actually read an explanation for that once; something about what color's left when the chlorophyll goes. But I like your reason a lot better.

  2. It is really beautiful this year. I always love fall having grown up on a maple tree covered farm. I have decided not to take photos this year. We'll see if I can do it!

  3. Yes it's lovely. A surprise around every corner! I did my picture walk, and it was like a dream. I noticed that the same tree looks different every year.

  4. Thanks for this glimpse of the fall foliage, Terry - here in Scotland we had just a few days of golden leaves, then the high winds came and now the trees are nearly bare. It makes the winter seem very long!

  5. I could give you the scientific explanation, but it wouldn't change how you feel about them. But here in the Midwest at least, there are a lot that just turn brown and fall off. Like the millions on the cottonwood tree in my frontyard...brown ones aren't as much fun to rake.

  6. Well, it isn't exactly the same leaf picture - you were standing on the other side two years ago 8>)
    In SCalifornia we usually just have the 'turn brown, fall off tree' autumns, but sometimes we have a few cold nights in mid October and the trees that turn are amazing. Not so far this year.
    You have taken some great pictures and, as usual, they make me homesick for my childhood.

  7. Well, darn, you stole my blog for Thursday. Maybe I'll just link to yours. I hear that the foliage in northcentral PA, where I originated, just turned brown, fell off, and got hit by snow, just about simultaneously. I never have heard any good explanations about why one year it's good and another not so good, but here in Portland, I've not seen the ash trees hang on golden so long -- and the maples seem to be turning faster than some falls. Probably to keep us off guard -- next year, the ashes will be gone before a single horse chestnut bonks anyone on the head.

  8. slug! eeeeeewwwwwwww!!!! I love the lichen on the branches. Darn! I should have take a picture of our gate before we rehung it. There was some great colonies of lichen and moss growing on it.

    Do you press any of the leaves? I have a little box of pressed red leaved from my burning bush and the little maple tree. I need a bigger press than last years' phone book for the big leaves.

    Happy Fall!

  9. We are not enjoying Fall colors where I live. I grabbed one of your pictures to brighten up my blog (and I linked to you) today.

    Such lovely photos you have.