Sunday, October 18, 2009

Open Studios, second weekend

This weekend was the second and last of the Portland Open Studios. We visited several today. I didn't take very many pictures this time. For the most part the studios weren't as interesting as those we saw last week. The studio below is that of painter, Theresa Andreas-O'Leary. It had been a small apartment attached to her home, with a separate entrance. Great lighting and a nice little kitchenette, which would be nice to have. Her paintings were very nice, as well.

My favorite studio visit today was ceramacist, Gene Phillips. He makes wildly patterned and textured pottery. I especially liked this kimono-shaped vessel.

He has a variety of items that he uses to impress patterns into the clay, including carved blocks and Indonesian tjaps. He also said he uses shoes and has become quite aware of shoe sole patterns. He had a piece of clay ready to receive impressions from visitors' shoes. This is the design my Clarks made.

Ray enjoyed talking with him about studio construction and learned that he had the huge kiln delivered and set in place, then built the room around it.

I hadn't planned to buy anything, but decided I needed this small plate, which will hold a candle or serve as a soapdish.

Then I noticed this heavily patterned platter and decided it had to come home as well.


  1. Your shoes have leaf patterns on the soles? How very interesting.
    I do like the story about building a studio around a big piece of equipment. No heavy lifting!

    Don't serve anything sticky on your platter, you will never get it clean.

  2. Love the pottery. Swoon!

  3. Love the pottery.
    Just curious Terry. With access to the studios of several top notch artists, how does it affect your feelings about the possibility of doing an open studio in the future?

    Does it give you ideas about wanting to do so? ...or not? would you do it solo, or with other artists, etc?
    Did you see anything in particular that would influence the way you would do it?

    I would be interested in your thoughts.
    Sandy in the UK

  4. Nice soap dish!

    It looks like you are really enjoying your studio "research!"

  5. I'd buy a pair of Clark's like yours on the strength of that sole pattern alone. Awesome.

  6. ummmm, I really need some new dessert plates. And the platter is seriously wonderful. How big is it?

  7. I really like Gene's ceramics. I take it since you didn't provide a link, he has no website? I never thought about ceramicists using items like tjaps to impress pattern into the clay. Sometimes I feel so one-dimensional in my thinking! Although, come to think of it I HAVE used the sole of a boot to stamp on fabric. Now I'll be inspecting ALL my shoes. ;-)

  8. You showed considerable restraint only taking home 2 of Gene's pieces. His stuff is seriously wonderful. I see at least 2 in the photos that really should be living at my house! I love hearing about your and Ray's adventures--near and far.

  9. I'm so glad you removed the price tags before you took photos of your purchases. Why in the world does he plaster his artwork with those ugly white tags?
    Near the base, on the bottom, on a list near the entrance, anywhere but in your face.
    Nice soles, btw.