Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Add another one to the list

A couple days ago I posted a slide show of the work I have done this year. Yesterday I decided I wanted to finish something I started earlier in the year before the year was done.

This is a little book-like folding piece that I made from work that I did in a class I took from Laura Cater-Woods in September. Laura puts a lot of her work together in a similar way and I was quite intrigued by the idea. (BTW, you can click for a bigger view if you are interested in details) The spine pieces that make it stand are bamboo skewers cut to size and finished with some of the many wooden beads I seem to have accumulated over the years. Since the photo images that I incorporated into these pieces were all photos I took in Mexico I thought of putting more Mexico photos on the backs, but in the end decided on just a printed fabric for the backs. I love the fabric I used—given to me by my friend Jeri.

I seldom take classes, had always thought that if Laura were to teach here I would love to take her class. She is another internet friend from many years back who I had never actually met in person. It was wonderful to finally meet her and see some of her work in person as well. Her work is so beautifully organic and full of texture and line that it was a pleasure to watch her work and to hear her ideas and thoughts about creating. The class was about specific techniques and I was glad to have a chance to try out different materials and ways of working. Some may find their way into things I do, though they are very far from how I generally work. Even though the pieces I made in the class are quite different from my usual style they still feel like mine. My color palette is quite different from Laura's. Still, this is not a piece I would include in my portfolio or show. Instead it is a quite lovely (I think) souvenir of the class experience. I will be keeping it and enjoying its presence and it will remind me of Laura, my friend.


  1. This small folding piece of art is a gem, Terry. Indeed, a lovely memory of time well spent with Laura.

  2. I have had this on my list for 2 years now. Yours turned out wonderfully and is motivating me:)

  3. I would love to know more about the process involved in making your beautiful folding art. It beats commercial picture frames!

  4. This is such a wise and thoughtful commentary on taking classes. And lovely results too!

  5. Anonymous7:30 AM

    Thanks for the slide show. Now that is the kind of year-in-review
    I am thrilled to see!!
    Productive,creative,wonderful work.
    Thank you for sharing and inspiring.
    Missy from the bayou

  6. laura cater-woods2:41 PM

    oh Terry, it is lovely! Thanks for sending me the link. Among the joys I find in workshops are the opportunities to meet friends in face time - what a pleasure.
    And BTW, I really like it when people in my workshops follow their own muses, using me as an impetus .