Saturday, December 26, 2009


First, another Christmas card from 1989. I have one more to post! I was trying to post them to end on Christmas day, but I miscalculated. As it turned out, our Christmas Day was pretty much pure joy, so the card fits.

It has been ages and ages since I posted about what I have been making, because it was all for Christmas gifts that could not yet be revealed. All of it was for Sofia's Christmas and it has been the most fun. First, I decided she needed a doll bed and bedding. My friend, Paula, surprised me with a beautiful little doll bed her husband, Norm, made many years ago for one of their daughters. Said daughter said she did not want it (thanks, Kim!) and so they passed it on to me for Sofi. I made a small quilt, pillow and pad. Paula thought I should paint the little bed, but I really loved it just as it was.

I think Sofia liked it. Here she is tucking in a bunch of her "guys" yesterday.

My other, more challenging project, was dress-up clothes for Sofia. She has a great imagination and love of concocting outfits to wear. I made her a group of mix and match pieces that can be used to create ensembles for a princess or a ballerina or . . . ??

The look on her face was all I needed to know that she liked them.

It occurred to me that these were gifts like the ones I got as a child, and still are classics for little girls.

Two, it seems to me, is a perfect Christmas age. Too young to have developed a greedy sense of entitlement about gifts, but old enough to anticipate, and delight in everything about Christmas. She was sweet and excited about everything all day. Even Christmas dinner was an adventure at my house where she ate, after some urging, an oven-roasted brussel sprout and declared, "I LIKE it!"
After dinner we got relaxed and silly and compared our pedicures. Sofia had admired her Mom's and my painted toenails after our pedicures the day before, so Emily painted Sofi's toes with washable, non-toxic kids' polish.

A blog first—three generations of piggies.


  1. Your posts about Sofia always make me want a grandchild. The little doll bed is adorable. I'm so glad you took pictures to remind her as she gets older.

    I always enjoyed making costumes for my children. I'm sure there will one day be more to add to the boxes in the attic.

    The 3-generational pedis are a milestone too. I can just see you designing a quilt around painted toes!

  2. You are the best grandma ever!!

    I love your card too. The chunkiness of the type and the way the lines connect are reminiscent of some of my favorite German typography. :-)

  3. Wonderful typography in this card. How was it made?
    Sofia is adorable. And so are the gifts. I should like the wooden cradle to remain like it is, because it shows the beauty of material and might influence the owner's taste to favour vintage and antiques. There is enough plastic in the world.

  4. Sofia looks like a fairy princess!. I made my girls skirts using tulle and ribbon. and my mother passed on her square dancing outfits, they spent hours playing dress-up.

  5. Sofia looks beautiful. Her face really does tell how much she loves her new dress.