Saturday, December 19, 2009

The final glide toward Christmas

Another Christmas card from the past. This one is a silkscreen print, using two screens. One screen prints the lighter red on the dark red paper. The second screen prints the cream-colored lines. The registration is casual, so you see bits of the dark red base paper showing between the light red and cream lines. I really like this card. After a lot of fussy detail in the block prints, it was refreshing to come up with something kind of crisp and clean and simple.

Christmas preparations feel pretty under control this year. I am using only some of the decorations, but Ray put up the multicolored "drippy" icecicle lights on the front of the house and that feels the most festive to me. I love driving into the driveway in the evening and seeing the the lighted house and the Christmas tree through the front window. We have a nice, smallish evergreen at the corner of the driveway near the street and I thought it would be pretty with lights, but would have required an extremely long extension cord through the woods and over the creek for conventional lights. Not practical. I found a string of solar powered lights at Target. Pretty neat idea, but we have had so much rain and the days have been so dark that I have only seen them lighted for a few minutes at a time. Not enough sun to power the solar battery.

I still have some sewing to do, but all my shopping and mailing are finished. I am planning to enjoy the days leading up to Christmas with friends and family. I hope you are all feeling as ready.


  1. I have loved looking at your Christmas cards from over the years, Terry. Love this time of year!

    Funny about the deck furniture with snow - I haven't been reading blogs this morning but after all, there is nothing new under the sun.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. Glide? Glide?!!!
    My approach to Christmas looks more like scrambling, scraping, grasping, grabbing, twisting, reeling--well, you get the picture. If I EVER found myself gliding toward Christmas I would know that I had forgotten something really BIG.
    You are always so calm! I remember Mom saying that even when you were naughty you were so nice about it that it was hard to get mad. Sheesh, made us hysterics look extra bad!

  3. Terry naughty?? Never happened!

  4. "Without the door let sorrow lie..." is part of a poem by George Wither. Here is a link:

    Good that you just used that one part. If you'd used the whole thing, you'd still be cutting the block. :)

  5. It's especially easy to get ready when you don't celebrate Christmas. I have to get my Christmas cheer from those who do!

  6. I love this one - bold and graphic. What a good idea to scan all your old cards - I should do that! Ours are usually more chaotic though - trying to combine the two art styles is always a challenge.